Hair Transplant in the USA: Top 10 Clinics

The United States of America is considered to be a leader in the field of hair transplant surgery. It should come as no surprise that the number of patients undergoing hair transplantation climbed by 40 percent during the pandemic alone, given the availability of cutting-edge technology, highly competent surgeons, and a wide variety of procedures.

We have developed a list of the top clinics for your upcoming surgery so that you can make an informed decision about which facility is ideal for you. Your hair will be in good hands if you follow our advice regarding the treatments offered and the costs you cannot beat, as well as the famous and widely regarded surgical team.

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New Jersey Hair Transplant

nova medical new jersey

Because they are experts in the hair loss field, they can ensure that you have all you require to successfully prepare for an FUE hair transplant in New Jersey and support and preserve your investment. The following is a rundown of what might be included in your transplant package and an understanding of the various options open to you.

When you first visit the specialists, they will give you an honest opinion as to whether or not now is an appropriate time for you to invest in a revolutionary hair replacement treatment. They will build a customized FUE hair restoration cost plan for you after a review of your medical records and can determine where your hair thinning falls on the spectrum.

Suppose you decide to go through with a hair transplant procedure that is minimally invasive and quick at The New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic. In that case, you will be given your private treatment area where you can keep your belongings, relax, enjoy a tasty meal, or take some time to yourself. Your time there will be so relaxing and rejuvenating it will be nearly identical to a day spent at a spa.

Bosley – Hair Restoration and Transplant


A hair transplant from Bosley is the only established and long-lasting treatment for hereditary hair loss. Bosley specialists can create flawless transitions just as smooth and silky as your natural hairline thanks to next-generation hair restoration procedures. The results of these transitions have the appearance of being fully natural.

Bosley also provides a selection of non-surgical treatments for hair loss that help prevent further hair loss, strengthen and thicken existing hair, and produce new hair. Bosley has a treatment that can assist you regardless of whether you have just begun to detect the indicators of hair thinning or wish to take preventative measures against future hair loss.

Maxim Hair Restoration


At MAXIM Hair Restoration in Dallas, Texas, they have established a caring and compassionate atmosphere to assist you in achieving the hair restoration objectives you have set for yourself. Your FUE or FUT hair transplant treatment will be a successful and satisfying experience thanks to the dedication and commitment of the specialists to staying current with the most cutting-edge hair transplant techniques.

Dr Theile has received extensive training in the most modern hair transplantation techniques, allowing for the highest likelihood of a successful outcome while fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and compassion. He will talk to you about the areas that are giving you trouble, help you establish objectives and expectations that are attainable, and guide you through the procedure with the assistance of their team of specialists in Dallas, Texas.

Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic

chicago hair transplant clinic

Panine, md and the Chicago hair transplant clinic are regarded as industry leaders in hair restoration. Dr Vladimir Panine and the rest of his staff are enthusiastic about restoring patients’ hair, and he has 27 years of expertise performing hair transplants. Patients from all over the world have traveled to his operation center in Chicago’s John Hancock Building, which is situated on the Magnificent Mile, to undergo one of the more than 4,000 hair restoration treatments he has completed.

When providing patients with the highest quality care and the greatest potential outcomes, they spare no money at CHTC and make every effort to invest in facilities at the cutting edge of technology. During every hair transplant surgery, Dr Panine uses ATPv, Hypo Thermasol, EXPAREL, and several other pricey medications and consumables because he believes that it is necessary to provide patients with the best possible care during their procedure. Here at CHTC, they specialize in hair restoration procedures exclusively. A wide variety of cosmetic procedures are performed on different areas of the body by many surgeons.

Natural Transplants Washington

The philosophy at Natural Transplants strongly emphasizes the patient, which helps explain why they have such a high percentage of satisfied clients. In addition to the importance, they place on developing open and trustworthy connections, they approach hair transplants by concentrating on three distinct aspects: the methods they use for hair implants, the level of patient care they provide while treating hair loss, and the reasonable prices they offer for hair transplants. They believe that the method of treating hair loss should be easy to understand, all the while producing results of an exceptional level.

During hair loss treatment, the world-class outcomes are exclusively focused on you. The patients have access to their hair doctor, who is only focused on the treatment and restoration of their hair, in contrast to the practice at other organizations, which might book up to seven individuals at a time for a single physician. At these facilities, Dr Matt Huebner, Dr Jaime Rosenzweig, Dr Harold Siegel, and Dr Kevin Blumenthal, together with the rest of the staff, guarantee that every detail is precise and that your doctor is involved with the entire treatment from beginning to end.

Katona Hair Restoration


Hair repair is half art, part science. The aesthetic result of hair transplants is where the true art of the procedure lies. It is less crucial from a scientific standpoint to choose which brush to use on the canvas than to have a skilled and artistic surgeon. Compared to the results that you might achieve in a high-volume facility, those achieved via the use of an experienced hair surgeon with a highly trained aesthetic eye can produce a more polished, natural, and customized look.

At Katona Hair Restoration, the internationally known and board-certified Hair Surgeon, Art Katona, MD, uses his technical and aesthetic expertise to offer each customer the most natural result possible. In addition to tried-and-true medical treatments for hair loss, they allow their patients to harvest individual grafts using FUE or strips using FUT. Dr Katona is a Hair Surgeon with the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr Art Katona is among the most skilled hair specialists in Florida. He is certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and is an acknowledged fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Both follicular unit extraction (FUE) and microscopic unit transplantation are areas of expertise in which Dr Katona has received specialized training (FUT). His objective is to offer a superior cosmetic solution for the patient who is experiencing hair loss that is invisible.

Houston Hair Transplant Center


You can receive superior outcomes for your balding scalp if you choose the best professionals available for restoration. The FUE hair transplants performed at Dr Jezic’s Hair Transplant Center are of the highest possible quality and are performed by one of the country’s most experienced hair restoration teams. When treating male pattern baldness, the only concentration is on operations that include removing 100% of follicular units.

While it’s true that many specialists are qualified to call themselves “Doctor” or “Dr.” At the medical facility, it is a given that you consult with a medical doctor. In addition, they do not perform FUT restoration (strip surgery), so you will not run the danger of having your treatment switched to FUT Strip Surgery at the eleventh hour. Finding the most qualified hair transplant surgeon in Houston might take a lot of work. They believe that experience and production level are both essential to quality. In addition, recognition for one’s achievements and accolades are an indication of dedication.

After observing how the developments in the NeoGraft technique made less invasive FUE treatments a more viable choice for patients, Dr Jezic started doing hair transplants in 2013. This was after the FDA had authorized the technology. He takes great pride in his interactions with patients and conducts every one of his own consultations. His philosophy is that every patient deserves to be cared for with the highest deference and consideration. Every patient who visits their office gets the kind of individualized care required to obtain the best possible hair restoration outcomes with the least discomfort and agony.

Best Hair Transplant Los Angeles

best hair transplant los angeles

To better serve the people in the community, they are pleased to announce that they are now providing virtual consultations and appointments to all of our patients, both new and existing. Treating your dermatological skin and hair concerns allows you to view and communicate with Dr McAndrews while remaining in the convenience of your own home.

In addition to that, you are more than welcome to visit the discreet medical office. Patients find it comforting, particularly at this time, to know that the sterile medical office is staffed solely by Dr McAndrews and his two nurses and that they only see one patient at a time. This provides an extra layer of protection against the spread of infection.

Only one hair transplant procedure is carried out each day by Dr McAndrews. He is resolute in his belief and insistence that the one patient who was scheduled to receive a hair transplant on that particular day receive his undivided attention. On the day of your surgery, the medical office will only have you and no other patients, so their whole attention will be focused on you alone.

Patients who have dermatological hair difficulties but cannot come into the office can still receive necessary medical attention through telemedicine. Especially today, during these extraordinary times, they are dedicated to providing you with professional skills, the privacy you deserve, and outstanding medical treatment.

Dr McAndrews is present for every stage of the transplant process in a personal capacity. It is not in his opinion that a medical technician should be the one to execute a hair transplant because he feels the duty should be his alone.

Medical Hair Transplants and Aesthetics

medical hair transplant aesthetic

A diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr John Diep specializes in hair restoration surgery. Newsweek Magazine has recognized Dr Diep as one of the top hair restoration specialists in hair loss treatment. He has ten years of experience in hair restoration and specializes in treating most types of hair loss for both men and women. Because Dr Diep is adept at accurately recreating natural hair lines, he is the physician of choice for thousands of people, including several famous people.

To restore hair, he can lower hairlines, restore receding hairline, fill in the crown and vertex region, restore eyebrows, goatee, beard, sideburns, and facial hair, fix hair plugs with FUE corrective hair surgery, and conceal scars from a facelift or a strip hair transplant.

Dr Sean Behnam

dermatology hair restoration

Dr Sean is proud to offer comprehensive and forthright evaluations for patients suffering from hair loss. Newsweek magazine has recognized him as one of the best doctors in the country. Each of the FUE and strip methods of hair transplantation are well within his skill set; he is a master in both. He works with every patient to investigate their choices and will only do an operation if it is the most appropriate course of action. In addition to his work as a surgeon, Dr Behnam maintains abreast of the most recent developments in the study of hair loss in both men and women. He is aware of the negative impact that hair loss can have on a person’s self-esteem and has made it his mission to assist those who suffer from it.


These top hair transplant clinics are extremely recommended by previous patients, have lots of experience in the field, and provide a wide range of surgical options and methods.

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