Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Swindon

Are you interested in visiting a hair transplant clinic in the Swindon area? You have successfully navigated to the correct location, and you should make yourself comfortable to view and go through all of the information in Swindon. If you apply this advice, discover hair transplant centers in Swindon.

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Elena Prousskaia – Hair transplant

Elena Prousskaia is pleased to announce that she will offer her plastic and cosmetic surgery services at the Shelbourne Clinic. Prousskaia is the most highly regarded female cosmetic and aesthetic surgeon in the South West. The clinic provides patients with high levels of comfort, and each of the 20 private consulting rooms at the clinic has an en-suite bathroom. Our patients also benefit from immediate access to specialist services, typically only available in large NHS hospitals.

Due to its convenient location to the southeast of the town center of Swindon and its proximity to Junction 15, virtually any mode of transportation may reach the hospital. This fact alone makes this location an ideal option for treatment, as it is a beautiful choice overall. Elena Prousskaia has had extensive experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery. In the beginning, Elena devoted several years to performing complex microsurgical reconstructions in addition to general plastic surgery. She took great pleasure in restoring patients’ body confidence after breast cancer treatment since this allowed her to help them feel more like themselves.

Elena is among the few female cosmetic surgeons in the United Kingdom. As such, she offers a uniquely feminine understanding and skill set to the process of assisting a woman in rebuilding her body after the strain of having a mastectomy. In addition, Elena contributes a depth of expertise, a touch of craftsmanship, and a centered, professional demeanor to all of the work she does.

The Elena Prousskaia Clinic takes excellent pleasure in the quality of its aftercare services. During the treatment, they will make an effort to ensure that you are kept informed, well prepared, and well cared for. At the Elena Prousskaia clinic, hair transplants are performed by surgeons who have received proper training in the procedure.

Regardless of age, experiencing substantial hair loss can be devastating to self-esteem. People who are afflicted might take heart that millions of excellent hair transplants have been conducted worldwide because of recent developments in methodology and medical science.

At Elena Prousskaia, hair transplants are carried out by trained hair transplant surgeons. These doctors will walk you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to the transplant treatment. It is a source of great pride for Elena to work alongside many of the most accomplished and well-known physicians in their respective fields.

The highly renowned Welbeck Hospital in London is home to the practice of cosmetic surgeon Elena Prousskaia. The Welbeck Hospital has been providing plastic surgery services since the 1990s. In the middle of London, in the neighborhood of Marylebone, Elena’s clinic at the Welbeck features a warm and inviting atmosphere. The FUE method is a process that has been tried and proven and is offered at each of Elena Proussakaia’s clinics.

In Elena Prousskaia’s London clinic, hair transplants are performed utilizing the most recent follicular unit excision technology, also referred to as the FUE hair transplant. This process is a viable treatment for various hair loss issues because it is fast, risk-free, and leaves minimal scarring.

What Exactly Takes Place During the hair transplant FUE Procedure?

When doing this kind of hair transplantation, the surgeon will extract individual hair follicles from the sides and back of the patient’s head, which are the areas where hair growth is often at its strongest. After that, the follicles are implanted with low hair development into the scalp. Before the surgeon performs an incision over each hair follicle, a local anesthetic is administered to ensure that the patient experiences as minor soreness as possible.

The entire hair follicle or unit is extracted and then stored at a cool temperature until the necessary number of follicles have been removed. After that, each donor follicle is individually implanted into the scalp through a series of microscopic incisions. FUE transplants typically take around six to ten hours to complete. However, this time frame might vary depending on the number of hair follicles that need to be removed to give you the desired amount of hair.

Several customers are dissatisfied when they learn that they should shave their heads before the operation. It is necessary so that the physician can clearly view the hair follicles and remove them more efficiently.

Why Should You Have Your Plastic Surgery in London Performed by Dr. Elena Prousskaia Peregudova?

Dr. Elena Prousskaia Peregudova is a leading figure in plastic surgery in London. Her previous patients chose her due to her expertise in plastic surgery, and it is well-known that she has a high percentage of success regarding the results of her surgical procedures. In addition to offering her customers from other nations excellent surgical services, she also provides various different services, including low-cost operations, plastic surgery before and after images, and video consultation. Since Dr. Elena Peregudova is a well-known surgeon in London, many patients from outside the United Kingdom prefer to undergo treatment at her clinic.

How to Obtain an Estimate of The Surgery Cost from Dr. Elena Prousskaia Peregudova?

Plastic surgery can be pretty pricey. It is dependent on the state of the patient and the outcomes that they are hoping to achieve. Surgical cosmetic procedures make use of a variety of techniques and instruments. Dr. Elena Peregudova is one of London’s most accomplished cosmetic surgeons. She has worked in this industry for years and is up to date on the most recent technological developments. She is available at a low price despite her widespread popularity. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding the prices. We estimate the costs associated with procedures based on the patient’s specific circumstances.


Transplants have an impressive track record, resulting in millions of delighted customers worldwide due to the improvement of medical treatments and the absolute brilliance of today’s skilled and devoted medical practitioners and surgeons.

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