Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Swansea

Although hair restoration surgery can be performed virtually any place on the scalp, it is most frequently done on the top and front of the head since these areas produce the most natural-looking results. For this procedure to be effective, the donor location should be in good health and free of infections. Because Swansea is a relatively small community and does not face as much rivalry as other, larger towns, it is an excellent spot to get a hair transplant at a low price.

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The Grove Skin & Laser Clinic – Hair transplant

the grove

Because of their extensive experience, they can provide their patients with the most cutting-edge and secure care possible. To maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic and fast-paced aesthetic medicine field, Jodie commits herself to the best level of education. She is continually working to advance the clinic.

Its mission is to deliver cutting-edge treatment options to its patients while maintaining the highest standards of quality care and productivity. They offer treatments that take a holistic approach in the interest of their patients, with the goal of not only leaving you looking good but also feeling wonderful, all the while preserving your natural, unaltered appearance.

They give results through superior skincare products, aesthetic treatments, and cutting-edge beauty therapies. The well-being and contentment of their patients is their first focus. They provide an experience and a patient-centered journey in a calming, luxurious setting. It allows them to develop trusting and long-lasting relationships with their patients while creating a kind and encouraging atmosphere.

The Grove Skin Clinic provides outstanding service in that it combines individualized high-end beauty treatments with non-invasive cosmetic procedures. All cosmetic procedures are administered by Jodie, a registered nurse with more than 14 years of expertise in this field. The nurse is a member of the British Association of cosmetic nurses and is controlled by the NMC, the leading insurance provider for the medical profession.  The clinic provides high-quality treatments that are among the best currently accessible and stays current with the most current therapies and products on the market.

It is convenient to visit the clinic because there is ample parking both on the premises and in the surrounding area, the clinic is just across the street from the Gowerton station, and a bus station is located directly on the same route as the clinic.

Swansea Aesthetics & Laser Clinic – Hair transplant

swansea aesthetics clinic

Laser skin rejuvenation, facial fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, hair removal, and scar treatments are just some of the services Swansea Aesthetics & Laser Clinic offers, which has been at the forefront of the aesthetic treatments industry since its founding in 1996.

You may rest easy knowing that highly trained experts will always carry out the operations in the field with years of relevant expertise. They know that selecting the best possible team is critical to the success of your endeavor, and they are here to help. Because of this, they only provide risk-free therapies with effects that can be accurately predicted and proven to be effective.

Mr. Amar Ghattaura is a fully licensed plastic surgeon who works for the NHS. He has more than 23 years of experience in reconstructive, plastic, and cosmetic operations. Mr. Ghattaura’s Cosmetic Nurse specialists, Caroline Cawsey and Gail Jones have 22 years of expertise in laser and aesthetic procedures. Mr. Ghattaura is a member of the Consultant team.

The company was founded in 1996, and since then, they have provided patients with unique face rejuvenation treatments. Over these many years, they have amassed an incredible level of competence unparalleled by any other company in Wales. In addition, the clinic continues to be the only one of its kind in Wales to be directed by a Consultant Surgeon. Because they use the most modern lasers manufactured by Lumenis, you can rest assured that you are receiving “cutting-edge” technology.

Cutis Cosmetic Clinic

cutis cosmetic clinic

The Cutis Cosmetic Center is a cutting-edge facility in aesthetic medicine. Cutis offers aesthetic treatments that do not involve surgery, in addition to examining and treating skin diseases that are related to these conditions. Its purpose-built facilities are located in a peaceful suburb of Swansea, and access to them can be kept private.

A comprehensive consultation with the trained medical professional, Dr. Rupa Dave, is the first step toward achieving your desired new appearance. She will pay attention to your worries and then present you with the most outstanding available alternative for the treatments that will be the most successful in enhancing your looks and sense of self-confidence.

It is a highly professional facility that makes every effort to give treatments approved globally. Dr. Dave personally administers every one of our treatment options. The clinic provides a range of non-surgical treatments, guidance, assistance with mole evaluations, the removal of tiny skin lesions, scar care, and ear lobe repairs. Dr. Rupa Dave possesses a high level of expertise as an injector. Her unique talent comes in her ability to provide an appearance of natural rejuvenation.

She has more than 20 years of expertise in plastic surgery and received her training at some of the most prestigious institutes in the United Kingdom for plastic surgery. In addition, she has experience working in the area of epidermal lasers and has authored several studies about the application of these devices. She is among the first professionals to earn the BTEC certification in skin lasers at Loughborough University.

Currently, she is employed by the National Health Service (NHS) as a Dermatological Surgeon. In the course of her work there, she has gained extensive surgical experience, specializing in the treatment of skin malignancies.

The Price of Having a Hair Transplant Done in Swansea

The cost of hair restoration can range anywhere from one thousand to thirty thousand pounds, depending on the severity of the hair loss, the kind of treatment performed, and the caliber of the facility where the transplant is performed and its staff.


It would be best to exercise extreme caution when surfing the internet for facilities that perform hair transplants. Some companies will pay to have their listings at the top of search results. It is essential to search for a specialist capable of performing this kind of operation and who has previous experience doing so.

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