Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Stoke-On-Trent

Those upset by hair loss, specifically androgenetic alopecia, may consider undergoing hair transplantation to restore a youthful appearance. This activity discusses the management and evaluation of individuals considering hair transplantation. Additionally, the activity highlights the role of an inter-professional team in improving treatment for patients who want to undergo hair transplantation. The hair transplant listed here are among the best that Stoke on Trent offers.

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Landmark Hair Transplant Center

landmark clinic

Approximately 6.5 million people in the UK deal with the uncomfortable side effects of hair thinning or loss. The unrealistic beauty standards we have been led to believe are the standard via social media are even more upsetting.

They are committed to establishing hair transplant clinics throughout the United Kingdom to offer those suffering from hair loss access to treatment options. Birmingham is the location of their clinic that is geographically closest to Stoke-on-Trent. You won’t have any trouble locating the hair transplant clinic, regardless of whether you reside in Stoke-on-Trent or are traveling from a further away location.

They are aware of how hectic people’s lives might be at times. Because of this, they are open during the week between 9 am and 8 pm and between 9 am – 5 pm on weekends. They can accommodate even the most hectic of schedules, whether you want to come in during lunch break or after you get off work for the day. The hair transplant clinic in Stoke-on-Trent is quite proud that they can provide all of their clients with excellent care and a welcoming environment.

Because their operations and procedures are carried out in clinics registered with the CQC and by surgeons registered with the GMC, you won’t have to worry about the quality of cleanliness and safety of the treatment.

Surgical hair transplantation incorporates processes like follicular unit extraction. During this procedure, a surgeon will carefully remove individual hair follicles from one area of the body and transplant them into another. The comprehensive menu of hair transplant procedures offers various treatment options. During the complimentary consultation, a staff member will evaluate your condition and decide whether or not you would benefit more from surgical or non-surgical treatment.

At Landmark Hair Center, their objective is to offer hair restoration products at prices that are both reasonable and competitive. Compassion and honesty serve as the cornerstones of their strategy. Because they have accumulated a wealth of experience over the years, they can assist you in selecting an appropriate technique for hair transplantation.

Evoke Hair Transplant Clinic


Evoke was established by company directors Daniel Markham and Adam Richards, who both have personal experience with male pattern baldness. Adam instantly identified ways that a patient might improve upon the experience of having treatment while he was undergoing scalp micropigmentation therapy himself almost eight years ago. Since the company was founded in 2015, they have developed a sizable clientele and made consistent strides in the quality of the services they provide to get to where they are now. These include the consultation procedure, the aftercare, and the procedure itself.

Dovercourt Surgery is an NHS facility located in the middle of Sheffield. It is where treatments and consultations take place. The technicians have been trained to the most satisfactory possible levels and continue to receive more education to advance their already impressive skill sets. When performing scalp micropigmentation and paramedical tattoo procedures, Evoke only uses the most technologically sophisticated equipment.

Their business philosophy’s core is providing excellent service to the patrons. This level of attention is provided when we make initial contact through the provision of exceptional aftercare services.

These days, a significant number of the bookings come from the inquiries they get from our satisfied customers’ friends and family members. In addition, several of the clients they initially assisted in 2015–2016 are returning for follow-up treatments, indicating that their services were adequate.

Their priority is to provide every customer with the best service possible. In addition, every Evoke technician participates in the company’s in-house training program. Furthermore, they send all of their technicians to advanced external training to maintain the best possible standards within an industry that is continually changing. To guarantee that the clients experience the best possible results from their treatment, they only use needles, pigment, and equipment of the finest possible quality.

Liverpool Hair Clinic

The FUE hair transplant procedure is the clinic’s area of expertise. This procedure involves the transfer of individual hair follicles (obtained from strands biologically resistant to balding) to the location of the scalp that is losing its hair.

The Liverpool Transplant Clinic is well-known for its ability to be effective and accountable and its inventive nature. They provide clients in Liverpool, United Kingdom, with safe and successful Surgical FUE Hair Transplant and other Cosmetic Treatments, which target various cosmetic and health issues, including hair loss, facial aging, and skin complaints.

In recent years, hair transplants have gained increased public attention due to the development of hair transplant techniques that are both very effective and appear to have been performed naturally. They are the market leaders in FUE transplants in the United Kingdom. Their highly qualified hair transplant specialist, Dr. Kumari, is a professional in the procedure known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). A natural appearance is achieved by harvesting hair follicles from various areas of the body and head and then implanting them in the recipient site.

An Estimate of The Cost of Hair Restoration in Stoke on Trent

The price of a hair transplant session might range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. The cost can range from relatively low to high depending on the amount of transplanted hair and the level of experience that the surgeon possesses.


Hair transplants are one potential treatment for thinning hair that is noticeable to the human eye. Because there is no way to erase the effects of a hair transplant, the outcomes are regarded as permanent. Finding an expert provider who knows how to build a natural-looking and long-lasting design for a hair transplant is vital if you want to be satisfied with the results of your procedure.

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