Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Oldham

The most prevalent type of hair loss is pattern hair loss, which can affect either men or women. In most cases, it begins with hair thinning on the crown and temples of the head, leaving areas of baldness on the back and sides of the head. In certain people, the condition can progress to total baldness. It has been established as hereditary because it tends to run in families. Below are the best hair transplant centers in Oldham.

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Elite Hair Restoration

elite hair restoration

Elite Hair Restoration is now among the most well-known providers of hair surgery in the United Kingdom. The company was established with a particular goal: to offer patients a more personalized service compared to other larger private groups focused solely on sales rather than service and results. This has helped Elite Hair Restoration become one of the most well-known providers in the U.K. Its highly-trained medical professionals may be found in each of the cutting-edge offices, which are dispersed around the United Kingdom. These professionals constitute the most valuable resource.

Together, EHR’s Top Hair Transplant Surgeons and its team of 25 Hair Restoration Technicians make EHR one of the most successful hair restoration organizations in the world. The team’s insatiable drive and the constant pursuit of perfection are directly responsible for their achievements. Because they have performed over 2,500 hair transplants and implanted close to 4,000,000 follicles, it goes without saying that you are in very safe hands.

They foster an excellent environment that encourages people to perform at their highest level, which benefits both the clients and the staff. The Care Quality Commission accredits them for hair transplant surgery under local anesthesia. They provide a personalized and devoted hair loss experience at every clinic across the country. This experience includes various surgical and non-surgical treatment options for patients suffering from baldness and thinning hair.

The operation is considered to be a minimally invasive surgery because it makes use of modern surgical procedures. Because they offer a wide variety of treatment options, they can help individuals whose hair is beginning to thin and those whose hair loss is further advanced.

It is thought that having excessive amounts of a specific male hormone contributes to hypersensitive hair roots, which in turn is what causes the condition. Our cutting-edge hair transplant clinic provides the most effective hair restoration methods in the U.K. Because our office in Oldham has been responsible for completing thousands of hair transplant procedures successfully, you can be confident that you will receive the best treatment and guidance available anywhere.

Hair Transplant Manchester

If you are looking for a treatment for pattern baldness in Oldham, then there is no need to look any further than the hair loss practice. As a hair restoration clinic in Oldham, they understand the anxiety and tension you feel regarding hair loss. Additionally, as a hair transplant clinic in Oldham, they know the worry and stress that you think. Whether you are looking for a solution due to a medical problem or simply for a decorative cause, they can help. This cutting-edge clinic in Oldham has already completed thousands of treatments, so you can rest easy knowing you are in competent hands.

The cutting-edge technology at Oldham clinic, combined with the expertise of the highly trained staff, creates an atmosphere that is both professional and soothing. As a result, you can feel at ease knowing that you will be cared for from the investigation stage through the treatment process. The most prevalent type of loss of hair is known as female or male pattern hair loss. In most cases, it starts with hair thinning on the crown and temples of the head, leaving areas of baldness on the sides and the back of the head. In certain people, the condition can go to total baldness. Hereditary characteristics have been demonstrated, in addition to the fact that it tends to run in families.

The non-surgical hair transplant solutions can withstand even the most intense inspection, and they are always here to ensure that every one of their customers is satisfied with the result. They can create effects quickly, effectively, and cost-effectively because they genuinely understand that the clients require a balance between their hectic work and home lives. This is true regardless of the client’s age, race, gender, or fashion preferences.

PRP treatment, also known as Platelet Plasma Therapy, is a clinically proven solution for male and female pattern hair loss. It is a flawless non-surgical procedure and has assisted people who have experienced hair thinning, alopecia, and pattern hair loss.  It is a relatively new process that has quickly gained significant traction with several clients. They are among the few clinics in Manchester that provide this service because all of the surgeons have now completed the required extensive training, in contrast to the majority of industry competitors both in Manchester and Scotland.

Cost Of Hair Transplant in Oldham

It depends on the clinic you select, the sort of operation you go through, the degree of difficulty of your situation, and the number of grafts required to address your issues. The objectives of the facility offering the hair transplant service and the competence of the hair restoration surgeon both have a role in determining the range of prices for hair transplants in Manchester.

It may be challenging to obtain an accurate estimate of the hair restoration cost and determine whether or not the therapy will be a worthwhile investment for you. In this section, we will provide a cost breakdown so that you are better able to plan for your hair transplant therapy.

In Manchester, the cost of getting a hair transplant can range from £3,000 to £8,500. The price tag for a surgery involving 2,000 grafts might be anywhere from £3,000 to £7,000. Procedures lasting two days and using more than 4,000 grafts will set you back between £6,000 and £8,500. There is a wide range of possible prices.


Your clinic’s decision needs to be made with your long-term outcomes and level of contentment in mind, rather than solely with an eye toward how much you can cut back on expenses.

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