Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Nottingham

If you observe people experiencing hair loss, you’ll realize that their attitude towards this condition varies. While some people don’t care about how bad it gets, others try many treatments to see how they can salvage it. So if you’re one of those looking for treatments, and you’ve been told to try hair transplant surgery, you should know that’s your best bet.

It’s a reliable treatment option that promises a high success rate. But that comes with a condition, which is essentially down to who performs the surgery and where it is performed. That is, hair transplant surgery will work for you if you choose the right surgeon who executes all procedures in a standard clinic.

So if you’re based in Nottingham and need suggestions on the best surgeons and their clinics there, you’re on the page with authentic information. Here we’ll show you the best set of hair transplant surgeons and clinics in Nottingham and highlight how much it’ll cost to have your surgery in this city.

Hair Transplant in Nottingham

Out of all the notable things about Nottingham, the fact that it’s one of the best cities to have a hair transplant surgery in England is unknown to many people. While most people who have decided on having a hair transplant prefer to travel to the capital, we’re here to tell you if you are contemplating having it in Nottingham, you can get outstanding care as you’ll get in London. The reason is that the city is home to various top-notch hair transplant clinics with leading surgeons.

Many of these surgeons are vast in multiple hair transplant procedures patients can choose from for hair restoration. These procedures are performed in world-class facilities with technological tools that ensure the precision and quality of the outcome. You only have to look well enough to discover these clinics and their surgeons.

While that may be tricky for someone with little or no experience with what to look out for, we’re here to help. The purpose of this post is to assist you in making the right decision on your choice of hair transplant clinic and surgeon to perform your surgery. So please keep scrolling to discover this information.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Nottingham

You can choose any of the following clinics and surgeons for your hair transplant in Nottingham:

1. Harris Hair Transplant – Dr. Harris Haseeb

harris hair transplant

Harris hair transplant is one of Nottingham’s most reliable hair transplant clinics. The core of this clinic is shaped to offer honest medical advice to hair loss patients and to match the advice with solid treatment that helps the patient correct their hair loss issues. The clinic’s competence consistently displayed over the years is a testament to how proven they are in this business.

Dr. Harris Haseeb is a well-trained surgeon that has committed many years of his career to give people worthy treatment for hair loss. His clinic, which is located in Nottingham, is one of the best in the city, and you can trust him to offer you deserving care for your hair transplant surgery. He performs the FUT and FUE procedures, depending on which is most suitable for your condition.

Another distinguishing feature of the clinic is that it’s furnished with industry-standard equipment that improves hair transplant outcomes. This equipment is handled by Dr. Harris himself, like every other process involved, from consultation to post-op care. This is a good place to check out in Nottingham.

2. Este Medical Group – Dr. Sam Cinkir

este medical group

With over 25 years of active experience in cosmetic medicine, Este Medical Group has consistently pushed boundaries that have helped them reach higher levels in the field. Specifically, the clinic has built a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of hair restoration services. There’s no hair loss condition you won’t get a solution to at Este Medical Group. Yes! They are that good.

The clinic specializes in extensive hair restoration treatment that ranges from follicular unit extraction to follicular unit transplant, direct hair implantation, laser hair treatment, and hair mesotherapy, among many others, for both men and women. These procedures are performed in a highly conducive environment for clinical and consultative operations. In addition, the facility is adapted to patients’ safety and security, so you have nothing to worry about while getting your treatment.

Dr. Sam Cinkir oversees all cosmetic operations in the clinic, particularly hair transplant surgery. Sultan Mahmood supports him in Nottingham, and they’ve been able to uphold the clinic’s standards that have given it so much credibility among its network of patients across the UK. You can contact them today to confirm all these about the clinic.

3. HHC Clinics – Dr. Wilf Ali

hhc clinic

HHC Clinics is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic clinics offering hair restoration services. The clinic focuses on advanced, cost-effective treatments woven around each patient’s unique condition. This means that choosing an HHC clinic is a sure pass to getting treatment tailored to fit your unique needs.

The clinic has many skilled practitioners who know how to identify the root cause of hair loss and provide the required treatment. They do this by offering surgical procedures that include FUT transplant, Maxi Combo of both FUT and FUE, and non-surgical procedures that include microneedling, low-level laser therapy, and medications like minoxidil and other topical treatments. At HHC Clinics, you get the total package, and it’ll begin by just booking a consultation with them.

Dr. Wilf Ali is the managing director of all medical affairs in the clinic. But he’s supported by several surgical and non-surgical staff who have made their mark in the hair restoration business. Like they fondly say, the treatment is about getting your confidence and a youthful look back.


You can never displace the significance of authentic information on hair transplant surgery. It’ll help you make the best decision you’ll be proud of when you take advantage of the benefits of this surgical treatment. However, as we have offered some information regarding the choice of clinic and surgeon in Nottingham, you should also research before deciding which of them to choose. Good luck.


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