Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Kingston Upon Hull

The truth about hair loss solutions is that they all come with certain requirements. While regular treatments and medications on the superficial level require timely usage, the ball game is entirely different with hair transplant surgery. For hair transplant surgery, the first requirement, amongst many others, is to pick the best surgeon to perform the surgery.

Selecting a hair transplant surgeon is pretty easy as there are many available. However, finding the best ones to perform excellent surgery that brings desirable results may be a hell of a job, especially if you’re not using someone’s recommendations. So how do you find the best surgeon and clinic for your hair transplant surgery?

If you’re on this page and searching for the best surgeon and clinic for your hair transplant surgery in Kingston Upon Hull, it gets easier. We have compiled a thorough list of top-notch hair transplant surgeons and clinics in the city. So kindly go through them to find one you fancy. But first, what does having a hair transplant surgery in Hull like?

What’s Hair Transplant Like in Hull?

Hair loss has remained a perennial endemic among several adults worldwide. The adults residing in King’s Upon Hull are no exceptions, as they constitute a part of the population of people suffering hair loss in England. With the growing global interest in hair transplant, given its potency to solve arrays of hair loss conditions, residents of Hull can significantly take advantage of it.

The city has some world-class hair transplant clinics that meet industrial standards and patient demands. These clinics are equipped with required instruments that make hair transplant procedures easy for their practitioners and improve patient outcomes. The availability of this equipment opens various hair transplant options to patients locally and those from neighboring cities.

At Kingston Upon Hull, you can have any hair transplant procedure, especially those most suitable for your hair condition. Some clinics offer DHI, FUT, FUE, Robotics transplant, and many more. So if you want your surgery done here, you must pick one of the best clinics available.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Kingston Upon Hull

The following is a well-researched list of some of Hull’s leading hair transplant clinics and their surgeons:

1. FUE Clinics, Hull – Dr. N Zakynthinakis

fue clinics

If you’ve done a bit of searching on hair transplant clinics across the UK, you’ll have come across FUE Clinics. They are a leading hair restoration center with a wide network that cuts across thirteen cities across the UK, including Hull. Their range indicates the success they’ve built over time, from providing exceptional services to as many people as possible irrespective of their hair loss condition or financial capabilities. Every person gets a plan that’s ideal for their condition and purse.

The clinic is built on the foundation that every patient deserves the best care that corrects whatever condition they wish. Therefore, the clinic offers a wide range of hair restoration treatments that cut across surgical and non-surgical. Patients can have the FUE and FUT procedures for the surgical treatments, while the non-surgical ones can have scalp micropigmentation.

Dr. Zakynthinakis is one of the clinic’s gems, consistently putting expertise to practice like every other surgeon. Video testimonials about the quality of the clinic’s services show how he and other surgeons approach treatments for all patients, and you can check them out today.

2. Landmark Clinic, Hull – Dr. Andy Goode 

landmark clinic

Landmark Clinic offers another credible alternative in Hull. Again, the clinic’s mission since its establishment shines through its services. With them, every patient gets unmatched honesty, respect, compassion, and professionalism that puts them first and other things after.

Their non-obligatory consultation is a way to confirm the standard they present. Here, you can also evaluate their reviews and the surgeon in charge. We are confident you’ll leave with so much assurance that they’ll give you the right treatment, except you want more.

They offer surgical and non-surgical solutions and conventional hair loss treatments. In addition, the clinic gives FUE and FUT transplant techniques, scalp micropigmentation, non-surgical hair replacements, low-level therapy regrowth, and other products for hair revival. They are a total package, and you can only confirm when you meet them.

3. Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic, Hull – Dr. Harpreet Kalra

hair transplant coventry

Over a decade of hair restoration experience, HSHTC has everything it takes to help you regain your lost hair. The clinic is one of the many hair transplant clinics that has embraced technological instruments to improve hair transplant outcomes for every patient. At their clinic, your worries are eliminated, and all you have to do is look forward to new hair growth.

Like many other leading clinics in Hull, they also offer FUT and FUE procedures. However, they combine it with platelet-rich plasma therapy, overseen by the chief specialist, Dr. Kalra. Dr. Kalra is one of the most passionate hair restoration doctors who derives so much joy and happiness from helping people get their hair back.

His empathy for those frustrated by hair loss fuels his passion for creating a viable solution that eliminates this frustration along with hair loss issues. So with him, you’re certainly in safe hands that know the job. Reach out for a consultation today to see how proven he is and how standard the clinic is.

Price of Hair Transplant in Hull

The price for a hair transplant in Hull is the same as in other places in the UK. Depending on your condition, surgeon, and chosen procedure, you will likely spend between £1,000 and £30,000. If the eventual sum you’re covering is way above your budget, you can request available financial plans to pay gradually.


Instead of going through so much stress and still making the wrong choice, it’d be best if you followed our suggestions of the leading hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Hull. You. Can follow up with personal research to ensure all boxes are ticked. Once you do this, you stand a good chance of having a wholesome hair restoration experience.


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