Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Bristol

It’s natural for people to lose hair as they age. What’s unnatural is when this hair loss begins earlier than expected. It can cause so much distress, especially if you’ve tried a series of treatments without tangible results.

While this is the story for many people, hair loss treatment has taken a progressive turn as attention has been given to hair transplant surgery due to its effectiveness in correcting the condition and stimulating new hair growth. However, an important thing to note is that achieving this result requires intentionality in selecting who performs the surgery. That is, you must carefully choose the surgeon so that you’re sure they can help you achieve the result you want.

If you’re based anywhere in and around Bristol and searching for leading hair transplant practitioners in the city, search no further. This post will show you why hair transplant in Bristol is a good choice and highlight some of the surgeons to choose from and their clinics.

Hair Transplant in Bristol

When you look around a location and see several hair restoration centers, that indicates the place is perfect for your treatment. The reason is that having more than enough options of clinics to choose from is good because you’re not limited to just a few clinics with average standards. You can easily compare the quality of their services before choosing any of them.

Additionally, multiple hair restoration centers in a particular location open you up to different procedures. While some clinics may offer standard procedures, others may offer both the standard ones and their unique procedures. So no matter how mild or acute your hair loss is, there’s a proven way to address it.

Bristol is one of those locations with a series of hair transplant clinics offering multiple procedures. So if you want to have your hair transplant there, you have to look carefully to determine which would offer what your hair loss condition needs.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Bristol

Go through our suggestions to select one of the best hair transplant clinics in Bristol:

1. Vinci Hair Clinic – Dr. Salvar Bjornsson

vinci hair clinic

Vinci Hair Clinic is an international hair restoration brand providing unmatched services for more than 15 years. The clinic is distinguished with the tailored treatment offered to each patient to deal with their conditions personally. This approach has proven to be the most pragmatic and effective, and the clinic has stuck to it since its establishment.

Every patient that chooses Vinci Hair enjoys world-class care from passionate and highly proficient surgeons with many years of experience in the field. Their range of services gives you extensive suggestions on the treatment you should explore to deal with your condition perfectly. These suggestions are given without bias or imposition.

With Vinci Hair, you can have an FUE hair transplant, hair mesotherapy, scalp micropigmentation, and laser treatment, whether you’re a man or woman. The clinic in Bristol is always open to take your appointment virtually or physically. So be one of the over 100,000 patients that have regained their lost hair through the expertise of Vinci’s surgeons.

2. The Private Clinic Bristol – Dr. Luca de Fazio

the private clinic

The Private Clinic of Harley Street, Bristol, is one of the oldest cosmetic clinics in the UK, providing hair restoration treatment. With over 35 years of experience, they’ve seen the changes in dynamics and operations of hair regeneration, so they have all it takes to help you with yours. They have won multiple awards for excellent services, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best care possible in their clinic.

The clinic in Bristol is adapted to your comfort when you step on for consultation or when you’re in for your surgery. That’s why there’s an option for video consultation for those who don’t have enough time to run down for physical consultation. In addition, the clinic ensures every patient states their expectations so that the treatment will align with such expectations.

Dr. Luca de Fazio is one of the clinic’s best surgeons, raising the brand’s banner with excellent service. His approach to hair care is precise and pragmatic. He only uses proven methods and always seeks to eliminate any chance of risk exposure. As a result, you can trust the private clinic in Bristol for your hair transplant.

3. HHC Clinics – Dr. Vikas Kunnure

hhc clinics

HHC Clinics is another highly rated hair transplant clinic in the UK, with one of its branches in Bristol. The clinic has deservedly earned the trust of many people locally and internationally due to the quality services they’ve delivered over the years. That’s why many hairdressers and stylists recommend the clinic to their customers suffering significant hair loss.

The clinic uses advanced models, including conventional and modern procedures for administering hair restoration treatment. These models include the FUT and FUE procedure, microneedling, low-level laser treatment, and a novel maxi Combo that incorporates the FUE and FUT procedures. They offer an extensive package to as many that require.

Dr. Vikas is one of the leading surgeons in the clinic. He’s passionate about hair restoration and always goes the extra mile to see every patient’s care. He’s an expert in FUE transplants but combines his expertise with other surgeons in the clinic to give patients wholesome care. You can reach out to them virtually or physically.

Is Hair Transplant Cheap in Bristol?

The absolute truth about hair transplants is that it’s not a cheap procedure. But its affordability is unknown to many because it’s widely misconstrued as expensive. So if you intend to have the surgery in Bristol, you should budget between £3,000 to £10,000. You can even access finance options that may allow you to pay in tranches.


Hair loss may not be a life-threatening condition, but it’s certainly one that requires timely intervention as soon as it’s discovered. So if you want to address it with a hair transplant, choose any of the above clinics and surgeons in Bristol. Good luck at that.


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