Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Bradford

When people experience hair loss, they are always unsure whether it’s temporary or one that’ll worsen as time passes. This is because they are unsure about the root cause of the changes in their hair. So instead of visiting a dermatologist or a doctor to determine this, many attempt self-care which leads to no significant result at the end of the day.

A temporary or permanent hair loss has many causes, some of which are caused by your actions and others by factors independent of your actions. Regardless, hair transplant remains one of the most trusted solutions to it. So if you’re experiencing significant hair loss, the chances are high that it’ll be the recommended treatment plan.

If you’re planning on having a hair transplant, it’s better to have it done by those with proven knowledge and expertise who’ll create the desired results. So if Bradford is your desired location for the surgery, this post will suggest some of the best clinics and surgeons you can consult for your surgery. But first, is Bradford a good place to have a hair transplant?

Is Bradford a Good Place for a Hair Transplant?

Bradford city is known for many things, except being a base for hair transplant clinics. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a standard hair transplant surgery around. There are multiple clinics offering various hair restoration treatments, including hair transplant surgery within and outside the city.

Many of these clinics are known across the UK because they have a wide network that reaches many other places. And by virtue of their range, they can offer the most demanded hair transplant procedures using the latest tools that bolster efficiency and enhance outcomes. In addition, these procedures are conducted in industry-standard facilities, creating healthy competition among them.

Finding the right clinic for your surgery can be tricky because most of the top clinics closest to Bradford are geographically located in Leeds. That’s why we’ve decided to do comprehensive research on your behalf to streamline your search. So of all the clinics and surgeons around Bradford, we’ve selected three of the best which you can choose for your surgery.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Bradford

Select any of the following for a quality hair transplant surgery around Bradford:

1. FUE Clinics – Dr. S Stangoni

fue clinics

FUE Clinics was established to extend hair loss solutions to as many people as possible. The branch servicing people from Bradford is in Leeds and easily accessible wherever you’re coming from. You can set up a consultation with any of the clinic’s surgeons anytime you want so your treatment can begin immediately.

The clinic is reputable across the UK, a deserved recognition based on the exceptional services they’ve offered thousands of people over the years. They offer FUT and FUE transplant techniques, scalp micropigmentation, and many others. You’ve presented the technique that’ll be most suitable for your condition immediately after your hair analysis which they do during consultation.

The clinic also offers other cosmetic procedures like beards transplants, eyebrows transplants, body hair transplants, and so on. Their range of services indicates the quality of surgeons they have. These surgeons do not underrate any condition because they meet all conditions professionally to offer timely solutions.

2. Landmark Clinic – Dr. Andy Goode

landmark clinic

Landmark Clinic is another alternative clinic for people hoping to have hair transplant surgery around Bradford. The clinic has earned people’s trust and confidence because of the care they’ve offered since its establishment in 2003. Moreover, they offer flexible and affordable pricing for all services rendered.

The clinic focuses on FUE transplant – a minimally invasive technique that’s most demanded presently. This technique is performed by Dr. Andy Goode, who supports his patients all step of the way till full hair restoration. He also provides laser treatment and scalp micropigmentation for patients whose conditions don’t require hair transplants.

You can go through the testimonials on their website to see how much quality they offer. If that’s not enough for you, you can have a walk-in to their clinic and have a physical evaluation to determine if they’ll be the right fit for you. The clinic has been able to help so many athletes, and they can do the same for you too.

3. Hair Transplant Bradford – Dr. Harpreet Kalra

hair transplant coventry

Hair Transplant Bradford is one of the outstanding clinics servicing people close to West Yorkshire and Bradford. No matter where you’re coming from, whether Brighouse or Bingley, you can reach the clinic without hassle. The clinic offers a wide range of hair restoration services, including hair transplant treatment.

They are one of the most dedicated cosmetic brands all over the UK. Given the understanding of how busy people can be, the clinic is one of the very few that opens early and closes late on weekdays, while they open early and close at 5 pm on weekends. They also offer virtual consultation to patients who will only have time for the surgery and not physical consultation.

They offer hair restoration treatments like direct hair implantation (DHI), follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplant (FUT), PRP hair therapy, crown hair transplants, and transgender hair transplants. Dr. Kalra, who oversees surgical and non-surgical treatments, has a mastery of all these procedures and performs them excellently and poise.

How Much is Hair Transplant Surgery in Bradford

You’ll get your hair transplant done in any of the above clinics for about £3,000 to £12,000, the same amount as in other cities within the UK. The required grafts to cover the size of your hair loss and the technique used would determine the increments to this price. You can discuss finance options with your surgeon during the consultation if this price is way out of your budget.

Final Thoughts

Finding a hair transplant clinic in Bradford isn’t easy as you may have to reach Leeds. So it’d be best to follow our recommendations because these clinics are the best ones closest to your location in Bradford.


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