What is the hair ph and why is important?

The pH level of your hair is a very important aspect in determining its overall health and its ability to withstand damage. The pH level of the hair solution that you make use of can have a significant impact on the appearance and texture of your strands. Do you need a refresher on your knowledge of pH? You don’t need to worry about a thing. Continue reading to discover more about determining and maintaining the pH of your hair, as well as why you need to take pH into consideration when it comes to your haircare and coloring routine.

What Is Ph And Why Is It Important For My Hair?

Let’s get back to the basics. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 to 6 representing the acidic end of the spectrum, 7 representing neutrality, and 8 to 14 representing the alkaline end of the spectrum. This delicate pH balance is thrown off by the majority of the activities we do to our hair, which causes it to go toward the alkaline side. We are talking about chemical operations such as dyeing or bleaching, and even shampooing, as the majority of shampoos employ alkaline cleansing chemicals. When the pH of the hair is altered to be more alkaline, the end consequence is one that is harmful. When this happens, the cuticle, also known as the outermost covering of the hair, begins to lift, which eventually has an adverse effect on the hair’s strength and health and can cause difficulties such as breakage and frizz. Not to mention the fact that an alkaline state can also have an effect on the bacteria and oil (both of which everyone has) on the scalp, which can potentially create dandruff.

How does pH relate to hair?

The average pH of healthy hair is 3.67, whereas the pH of the scalp is 5.5. This indicates that healthy hair is higher on the acidic side. When you use an alkaline solution (one with a pH greater than 7), the cuticle will soften and swell, making it easier for the hair care products you use to penetrate the hair follicle. The majority of alkaline products, such as hair bleach, relaxers, and ammonia-based hair colors, are often included in this category. All of them have the potential to throw off the natural pH balance of your hair, causing it to become stripped and dried out.

Products with a higher pH level (alkaline) can also produce an increase in the negativity of the electric network of the hair, which translates to an increase in static electricity and the repulsion between individual strands of hair. You can think of this as the same thing as rubbing a balloon on top of your hair, which can cause damage to the keratin in your hair (the protein your hair is made of). This damage can cause your hair to become frizzy and break easily, in addition to causing substantial changes to its structure. In addition, if you use products with a high pH on your scalp, you run the risk of causing dandruff and greasiness by adversely influencing the amounts of bacteria and oils that are naturally present in your scalp. Keeping your hair at a pH level that is healthy allows it to retain moisture and protects you from bacteria that can cause infections and sickness.

How Can I Make Sure My Hair Has A Healthy Ph Level?

Not only does the pH balance of the real hair play an important role in the natural overall health of the hair, but the scale on the scalp does as well. Understanding the science behind your hair’s scalp pH is essential to attaining the best possible results from salon treatments, including their dry to itchy scalp, hair development, and how their hair reacts to a variety of chemical and non-chemical products. These are the four reasons why it is important to maintain a balanced pH level on your hair’s scalp in order to promote healthy hair development.

  • Protects Hair from Bacteria and Fungus

Maintaining a healthy pH balance acts as a barrier that protects against bacteria and fungus that might cause infection. The correct pH balance helps to avoid unintended breaking, seals the hair cuticles, and preserves moisture and natural oils in the hair. The normal range for the pH of the hair is between 3.6 and 5.5, and using products with less alkali in them can help preserve the acidity of the hair.

  • Balanced pH Determines How Products Work on Your Hair

The pH balance of the hair can be altered by using items such as shampoo, conditioner, and others on the hair. Products with a higher concentration of alkali will cause the hair follicles to dilate, which will result in the release of essential moisture. The lack of moisture in the air slows down the growth of hair and leads it to become brittle, dry, and fragile. It is essential to make use of solutions that complement one another in order to successfully eliminate filth and accumulation without depleting the skin of the important moisture it need in order to grow.

  • Helps Maintain Hair’s Elasticity

The ability of the hair to keep its sebum and to retain moisture is directly related to the pH of the hair. The natural conditioner and protective layer that is responsible for the hair’s ability to retain moisture is called sebum. Your hair’s pliability and resistance to breakage while styling are directly correlated to the amount of water it contains. If you let your hair go too long without moisturizing it, it can become brittle and more likely to break. Always make sure that your hair is well hydrated, as this is essential to the flexibility of their hair and the growth of their natural hair.

  • Reduce Risks of Breakage Due in Part to Chemical Services

The hair can go through a variety of transitions. The capacity of your hair to keep its strength and respond to other hair care treatments is negatively impacted by anything that disrupts the pH balance of their body, which can be caused by a variety of factors. Chemical treatments on your hair, such as dyes and relaxers, can change the pH of the hair and degrade the protein structure, which can ultimately lead to dry, brittle hair and inhibit the growth of new hair. When there is an abrupt shift in the pH balance of your hair environment and an increase in alkalinity, growth can become stunted.


We recommend utilizing hair products that have pH levels that are between 3.67 to 5.5, as this is as close to your natural pH levels as you can get. Keep in mind that not all hair is the same, and that the pH levels of some of us could be greater or lower than those of other people. Steer clear of hair products that have a high pH level. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from harsh substances like hair bleach, relaxers, and ammonia-based hair dyes. While the most of us probably do not keep a stash of pH strips that we can use after our morning shower, it is still a good idea to take precautions. Add additional acidic professional hair care treatments or products to your routine if you bleach or color your hair. This will help maintain the health of your hair. When you are trying to improve your hair care routine, it is important to remember to read the labels of the products you use carefully and perform a patch test if you are inquisitive about the ingredients. When attempting to keep your hair healthy, your best bet is to wash it with a shampoo and conditioner that have a pH that is balanced, and to rinse it well afterward.

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