Elton John Hair Transplant

The market for hair transplant surgery has expanded since 2016. Indicating that more and more people are interested in getting hair transplants. These days, hair transplants are a popular option among celebrities.

Legendary singer Elton John isn’t playing coy about his suspected hair transplant, unlike other celebrities like Andros Townsend, David Beckham, and Elon Musk. He won’t confirm nor deny having the procedure done. It has been established that he has had not one but two hair transplants.

Sir Elton John has been honored with numerous accolades during his career. Including a CBE and multiple Grammys and Academy Awards. He is famous for the run of hits he has had, his extravagant fashion sense. And his ability as a composer.

The artist best known for his hits “Rocket Man” and “Tiny Dancer”. Has discussed the hair transplants he underwent in the media. In his autobiography and in the film he directed in 1997 titled “Tantrums and Tiaras.” Let’s look over the years at Elton John’s experience with hair transplants.

Evolution Of Elton John’s Hair

1970, aged 23

Elton John gave his first live performance in the US  at The Troubadour in West Hollywood when he was 23. Given that he has a full head of hair that is relatively thick, it is unlikely that he will need a hair transplant. It’s common for men to start thinning their hair around their mid-20s. But Elton John’s hair still appears full and long in his photos.

Nevertheless, he was already worried about his hair falling off as his mother predicted that he would lose it at age 20. Because pattern baldness runs in their family.

1975, age 28

On the Norwood Scale, used to quantify hair loss in males, Elton John’s hair in the circulating picture would be considered in the Stage 3 category. The audience saw his hairline receding when he appeared at a sold-out show in Watford. At the temples, you can see the beginnings of an M-shaped hairline developing in him. Men who have reached stage 3 of hair loss may start thinking about getting hair loss treatments or a hair transplant.

Elton John’s hair loss persisted into his 30s. And as a result, he now wears a variety of flashy headwear to conceal his receding hairline and thinning hair. This lasted throughout the decade of the 1980s, all the while delighting his followers with his amazing clothes.

The Hairstyle Elton Wore in the 1980s and 1990s

Following his recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, Elton John began wearing weaves in his hair. Critics of his famous Wembley show with Freddie Mercury panned his initial attempt at a wig, saying he looked like he was wearing a “dead squirrel” on his head. Hes revealed in an interview that, following the failure of his hair transplant, he struggled with feelings of insecurity with his thinning hair and a strong desire to avoid being bald.

Elton John’s Hair Transplant

Elton John has recently begun donning a wig. He wears a hairpiece produced just for him by wig-makers in Hollywood who work in the film industry. Since he has started consistently using a wig, he claims that the media’s attention on his hair has significantly decreased.

What Factors Contributed to Elton John’s Thinning Hair?

Even though male pattern hair loss was the most likely cause of his hair loss, Elton John has stated that he believes the hair loss he experienced in the 1970s may have resulted from a botched dye job.

There is a possibility that Elton John’s rock and roll habit has caused damage to his hair. He has not been shy about discussing his drug use during the 1970s and 1980s. Because maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating a nutritious diet, can help prevent hair loss, he may have experienced hair loss because he did not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One study found that heavy cocaine users had significantly damaged hair, even though the sample size was very small. The cuticle covering of their hair had almost entirely vanished, the follicle’s internal structure had been compromised, and the shaft was extremely brittle and thin. As a result of the pressures associated with being a global superstar, he may have also experienced hair loss as a stress and anxiety-related side effect.

What Went Wrong with Elton John’s Attempts to Get Hair Transplants?

In contrast to many other celebrities, Elton John has never been coy about the fact that he’s had hair transplants. In the late 1970s, he claimed to have undergone multiple hair transplant procedures in Paris. Both transplants failed, and Elton John speculated that one of the reasons for this might be that he spent so much time wearing hats following each procedure. After receiving a hair transplant, it is recommended by specialists that you refrain from donning a head covering for approximately ten days.

As was mentioned before, Elton John has said that he believes the failure of his hair transplantation may have been caused, in part, by his use of drugs, which are known to damage hair.

What Hair Care Routine Did Elton John Follow When He Started His Career?

In the 1970s, Elton John underwent his first hair transplant procedure. He had two treatments performed virtually immediately, one after the other. His hair transplant procedures were performed using the strip method, often known as the FUT technique.

John was subjected to two procedures that, unfortunately, were both unpleasant. He has talked about how uncomfortable his hair transplant procedures were, both during and after.

What Are Some of The Other Hair Treatments That Elton John Has Attempted?

It would appear that John only attempted two hair transplants, but he did not try other medication forms, such as minoxidil.

Minoxidil may stimulate new hair growth in certain people; however, this is by no means a guarantee, and the effects are only brief. The hair loss may start again when you stop utilizing the medication. This necessitates a continuous commitment to the drug and the associated financial burden throughout one’s life.

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