Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in the UK

Thanks to advancements in science and technology, we’ve gone past the age and time where the only solution for hair loss was coverage – with hats, wigs, and scarves. Then, it didn’t matter whether people were comfortable with these coverages; what mattered was how the coverages hid their hair loss. The good news today is that people don’t have to forcefully cover their hair to hide baldness or hair thinning because there are varieties of treatment options they can explore to correct such hair loss conditions.

These treatments are in two categories – surgical and non-surgical. For both, hair transplant, a surgical procedure, has proven to be one of the most sought-after due to its effectiveness in hair restoration. So if you’re suffering from hair thinning or baldness, a hair transplant should be your go-to treatment. The only condition is that it must be performed by a professional hair transplant surgeon in a standard clinic.

With the whopping number of hair transplant clinics and surgeons available in the UK, determining which one is great at their job can be difficult for you. So for us to help out, this article will recommend some of the best clinics and surgeons for you to choose from for your hair transplant. But before that, why should you have your hair transplant in the UK?

Why Should I Have a Hair Transplant in the UK?

The following are some of the reasons why the UK is a great place also to have your hair transplant surgery:

1. High Standard of Care

There’s a high standard of healthcare in the UK, whether it is regular medical procedures or aesthetic procedures. As a matter of fact, the UK is rated 10th best globally in terms of overall healthcare outcomes. Apart from this, most hair transplant clinics are aware that the UK isn’t the most sought-after place for hair restoration procedures, and this has triggered a compulsory improvement in the quality of hair transplant services. So the high standard of healthcare is a good reason for you to have your hair transplant anywhere within the UK.

2. Quality of Surgeons

The quality of hair transplant surgeons available all over the UK is another reason for you to have your hair transplant done there. Most of these surgeons are accredited and certified locally and internationally through the skills and expertise they’ve constantly shown in operations. Additionally, many of these surgeons still travel far and wide to improve their knowledge of the techniques employed worldwide. Some hold conferences and seminars to teach and learn other novel techniques that make operations more efficient.

3. The Standard of Clinics

When you also consider the standards of clinics available in the UK, you’ll realize how satisfactory they are compared to popular hair transplant destinations worldwide. Most of these clinics are built to suit patients, and they are furnished with the latest industry-required tools that enhance efficiency. What’s more, the clinics compete remarkably in the numbers of successful hair transplants that have been conducted.

4. Available Techniques

If you’ve researched hair transplants well enough, you’ll have realized that there are so many techniques clinics and surgeons use depending on the patients’ condition. While some of these techniques are available in some countries, they aren’t in many other countries and this sort of limits patients’ options. But as far as the UK is concerned, arguably all of the clinics available perform all the latest and conventional hair transplant techniques.

5. Finance Options/ Travel Plans

The UK thrives remarkably on these factors, especially on finance options. Most clinics understand how costly hair transplants may be for some patients, so as a way out, they create several finance packages that help patients pay gradually without creating a hole in their purses. Also, these clinics offer patients traveling in all-inclusive packages that sort that transportation within the UK and their accommodation.

When you observe the foregoing, you’ll realize how much value the UK offers as a hair transplant destination. First, however, you must research the clinic you’re choosing to be sure they meet all these criteria mentioned above. So please continue reading to see our recommendations for you.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in the UK

For the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in the UK, you can select any of the following:

1. CapilClinic – Dr. Oguz Kayiran


CapilClinic is a prestigious clinic providing hair restoration services in the UK and many other places in Europe. Their prestige as a leading clinic is not given but earned through quality-driven services that are exemplified in the results of every procedure they have performed. While the reviews on their platform don’t do enough justice to how outstanding they are at what they do, the recommendations/referrals they get is another indication of their unparalleled expertise.

They are a clinic that employs dynamism in their approach to hair loss. That’s why every patient’s condition is treated differently. While doing this, they ensure the comfort and safety of patients because that’s the most important thing for them. In addition, they consistently pursue patients’ satisfaction to the extent that if a patient isn’t content with the results, they give a second treatment without additional costs.

The clinic is built on the passion and commitment of medical and non-medical staff to offer valuable solutions to people suffering hair loss. Dr. Oguz Kayiran combines his skills and experience with that of other specialists to give every patient the absolute best at all times. They are a leader in the FUE transplant, but they also offer revolutionary stemcell treatment and DHI hair transplant techniques. So you can trust them for your hair restoration.

2. London Hair Transplant Clinic – Dr. Maziar Sadri

london hair transplantation clinic

London Hair Transplant Clinic is another reputable hair transplant clinic in the UK. Although they offer many other cosmetic procedures, they are more known for hair restoration treatment, given their success in practice. In addition, their accessibility to all patients, regardless of condition or social status, is second to none. And to cap it all off, their treatments are affordable.

As a clinic solely dedicated to helping every individual look their best, they use only proven methods to actualize their treatments. With the experience of their professionals and the availability of the latest technological tools in the clinic, you can get your hair back a short period after you undergo their treatment. They even have finance options that make the payment for these treatments easy for you. What more can you look for in a clinic?

Dr. Maziar Sadri is the lead surgeon and senior consultant in the clinic. He’s a reputable surgeon whose attitude to hair restoration is reflected in his services. And as you know, people attract like-minds, and other staff in the clinic are also on the same level of commitment to people’s care. They perform the FUE transplant with other cosmetic procedures like PRP therapy, liposuction, dermal filler, facial hair transplants, eyebrow transplants, etc.

3. The Private Clinic of Harley Street – Dr. Michael Mouzakis

the private clinic harley street

The Private Clinic of Harley Street is a renowned clinic that has taken many giant strides in aesthetic medicine. As far as their hair transplant services are concerned, they offer the most sophisticated and highly effective procedures. If you’re the type who is motivated by the experience of a service provider, The Private Clinic of Harley Street should be your choice. With 35years of experience in hair transplants, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most honest medical opinion and appropriate treatment for your condition.

The clinic’s team of surgeons, nurses, and medical advisers are highly proficient and knowledgeable on every treatment they offer. With the availability of multiple surgeons and the latest technologies, the clinic can perform walk-in and walk-out procedures that don’t require full-time operations. With their track record, over 90% of hairdressers and stylists will recommend them, showing how reputable they are.

As an award-winning clinic, you will receive exceptional quality care and a memorable hair transplant experience. They offer a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure – FUE. They have mastered all the intricacies involved in this procedure that when they perform it, the scars will be undetectable except if there’s an extensive medical evaluation. They’ve recorded so much success using this procedure, so you can be confident they’ll do the same for you.

4. Wimpole Clinic – Dr. Michael May

wimpole clinic

If longevity were to be the sole marker for excellence, Wimpole clinic would be the go-to clinic for everyone because they are one of the oldest clinics in the UK. But they don’t only rely on that. They combine the experience from being around for a couple of decades with a remarkable standard of care to be one of the best at what they do. Every patient’s welfare is always prioritized before any other thing.

With a vastly experienced medical team led by Dr. Micheal May, you can be confident that you’ll find the right solution to your hair loss condition in this clinic. There’s no hair loss condition they can’t correct, given the pool of skillful and experienced surgeons they have. As a highly dedicated clinic focused solely on dynamic and pragmatic approaches to hair loss treatments, they use several instruments to get their job done most efficiently.

They administer the primary hair transplant techniques – FUT and FUE methods. These methods have performed over 10,000 procedures while still providing excellent results. Other cosmetic procedures available in the clinic include beard and eyebrow transplant, trichology, and other alternative treatments for hair loss. To maintain their standing as a world-class hair transplant clinic, they’ll stop at nothing to get you your hair and confidence back.

5. Hair Growth Center – Dr. Zakar Rafiq


Hair Growth Center is another notable hair transplant clinic in Uk offering world-class services to as many people as they request. With a couple of branches in Birmingham, Essex, Manchester, and London, they serve thousands of patients a year in and out. Their purpose as a clinic is to leverage the best gift of this age – technology – to make hair loss a thing of the past.

When you step into any of their facilities across the UK, you’ll realize how much they’ve pursued this purpose with the available technological instruments you will likely not find in many other clinics. They are even one of the few clinics performing unshaven hair transplants, dubbed delicate and complex. This shows you how proven this clinic is in hair restoration treatments.

In addition to the tools used, they also have some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country. They are led by Dr. Rafiq, who has been in the field for over seven years. These surgeons perform procedures like FUT and FUE transplant, surgical and non-surgical micro-grafting, scar removal, PRP therapy, photo-diode therapy, beard, and eyebrow transplant, etc. All of these treatments are available for both men and women.

How Much Is Hair Transplant in the UK?

Hair transplant in the Uk can be around £2,000 to £30,000, but this depends on your type of hair loss, the skills of your surgeon, the standard of your chosen clinic, the sessions you’ll need, the grafts to be implanted, and the procedure your surgeon deems most appropriate for your hair loss condition. All of these influence the price of the surgery, making it either less or more. So before you start your treatment, be sure to confirm the price before anything else. You can also ask during a consultation if the clinic offers finance options.

Bottom Line

The Bottom line is that if you’re suffering hair loss, you can decide to leverage the treatments science and technology have offered or not. As a hair transplant is one of these treatments, it’s more profitable to go for it. However, while you’re at it, you should be careful about who administers it to you because the quality of their services will always tell in the results of their procedures. Follow our guide to make the right choices.

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