Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in London

Every part of the human body is created to complement one another. So when one part is lacking in this function, it becomes pretty obvious. For example, the hair on our head is meant to complement and show the best features of our appearance, so when it’s lacking, it becomes very noticeable.

This causes so much psychological trauma for people, especially those that have tried multiple treatments with no results to show for it. You may have to try hair transplant surgery if you’re in this category. It’s slowly becoming a befitting solution for people experiencing hair loss, and it lasts way longer than most people imagined.

The value of this treatment is to have it done by the best professionals. So if you’re in London or hoping to travel there for your hair transplant journey and want to know the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons, you’re at the best place to find out. Here, we’ll discuss why you should have a hair transplant in London, suggest some of the best places to go, and show you how much it costs to have this operation done there.

Hair Transplant In London – What to Know

As you may be aware, London needs no introduction as an ultra-modern city. As a matter of fact, it’s currently one of the best cities globally, which is why it has a multicultural population that comprises people from different cultural backgrounds. The icing on the cake is that residents in the city have a high quality of life.

The city has instituted itself as a megacity at the forefront of innovation in all areas of economic life, particularly healthcare. According to a report in 2019, London is ranked the best hospital city in the UK and the 3rd best hospital city globally. The implication is that you’re in for the highest standard of care in London.

This approach to healthcare reflects in cosmetics procedures like hair transplants. The city is the base of the best hair transplant clinics in the UK and some of the best in the world. These clinics within London set a high standard in terms of the quality of care, the methods of hair transplant surgery available, the quality of the surgeons, the standard of the clinics, and the availability of modern tools to carry out these procedures.

So if you intend to have your hair transplant in London, whether as a resident of the UK or a medical tourist, that may turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make; however, the great outcome of this decision comes with a clause. The clause is that to have the best hair transplant surgery in London, you have to select the best of the many available surgeons and clinics.

The reality is that what makes some of these clinics better than others is the quality of their services and the rate at which they are successful in their procedures. Other factors that distinguish them are the state of their facilities and the number of procedures they perform. So to determine those that are above the rest may be tricky for you. To make the right choice, check our recommendations and go through the reasons they are shortlisted to see which is most appealing to you for your hair transplant surgery.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in London

The following are some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in London to explore for your hair transplant surgery:

1. CapilClinic – Dr. Pragyan Sahu


CapilClinic is one of the leading hair restoration clinics in London that has distinguished itself from the multitudes of clinics by offering unparalleled hair care in the most conducive environment. As a bellwether in hair transplants in the city, the clinic takes a unique approach that involves personalizing hair restoration care to all patients, no matter the extent to which they have lost their hair. This personalized approach involves hair evaluation to determine the best way to tackle the condition and the best method that is most suitable.

While they are notable for the FUE hair transplant technique, they have the expertise to perform other variants of the procedure like the DHI hair transplant and a non-surgical stem cell treatment. The focus of every staff member, medical and non-medical, in the clinic is to offer patients the best of care. The surgical and non-surgical operations in the branch in London are led by Dr. Pragyan Sahu, one of the best hair transplant practitioners in the UK.

Patients that have undergone her services relish her attention to detail and her ability to tailor their needs by offering suitable treatments that satisfy it all. She hears her patients out to document their expectations, and she works with other medical staff to realize these expectations. So if you’re in London for your hair transplant, this is the first place we’ll recommend.

2. London hair Transplant Clinic – Dr. Maziar Sadri

london hair transplantation clinic

London Hair Transplant Clinic is another rated hair restoration that caters to the treatment needs of those experiencing one hair loss condition. They are a clinic that’s always available at any time of the call to carry out medical analysis and treatments. In addition, they offer a variety of restoration methods that allow patients to choose depending on their budget and the state of their hair loss.

Dr. Maziar Sadri oversees and supervises all medical procedures in the clinic, offering his skills and wealth of experience at any point of need. His perspective on hair restoration is reflected in the clinic’s standards. He’s the type of specialist who consistently strives for excellence. Even if you meet them for consultation, you’re looking for excellent hair analysis and medical suggestions to contemplate and act upon.

The clinic focuses on the most common, minimally invasive, and highly effective hair transplant method – FUE. They also offer PRP therapy and other cosmetic treatments like dermal filler, skin wrinkles removal, lip augmentation, facial hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, etc. This is a great place in London to get your hair and confidence back. All you’re required to do is to book a consultation with Dr. Maziar

3. Harley Street Hair Clinic – GMC-registered Surgeons

Harley Street Hair Clinic

Harley Street Hair Clinics are one of the pioneering hair transplant clinics in the Uk, with branches all over. Their services are not limited to gender, class, or social status because the core of their objective since they were established was to render hair restoration services to as many that are willing to have it. This has been their driving force over time, and it has earned them a remarkable reputation in Uk and all over the world.

The treatments they present to each of their patients are initially mapped. They entail the patients’ expectations, the suitable solutions to achieve these expectations, and the clinic’s unique touch. So when you meet them, and they ask you to express your experiences and how hair loss has defined your social engagement and limited your professional life, don’t hesitate because it’s a pattern for them to give the best services.

Their treatments are all-inclusive, involving FUE hair transplant, advanced tricopigmentation, and scar removal. They have a group of industry-trained specialists who are GMC-registered. You have to be very experienced and skillful to make this registration, and each of them combines their artistry to give medical excellence.

4. The Kensington Hair Clinic – Dr. Shipu Zaman

kensington hair clinic

Kensington Hair Clinic is another registered hair transplant clinic offering tremendous hair restoration services at Medical Chambers in Kensington. They are one of the few clinics that approach hair transplant as an art and science. This allows them to maximize the dual nature of the treatment while giving their patients the very best treatments.

Dr. Zaman, the lead specialist at Kensington, is a passionate hair transplant surgeon who saw a problem gap and decided to fill it with the right solutions. He’s supported by experienced colleagues who share the same passion for providing hair care treatments. This team includes Trevor Burnham, Trish Bosman, Sylvia Burnham, Irena James, and Angelika Antczak. Each team member submits their effort to achieve excellent results for all their patients collectively.

They focus solely on the follicular unit extraction technique recording thousands of successful operations with it. They are a clinic to resolves hair loss in as many people as possible. If you choose them as your clinic, you can be one of their patients with a success story.

5. Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic – Dr. Michael May

wimpole clinic

Wimpole Hair Clinic is another old hair transplant clinic in London that boasts as many as 4decades of experience in hair transplant. However, they are old doesn’t mean they are rigid in their approach to hair loss treatments. Instead, they take a dynamic approach that incorporates the expertise of old and young surgeons and old and modern techniques to offer their patients the best always.

For them, the first step of treatment is patient reception in a welcoming and conducive environment. After this, they ensure patients’ safety is solidified in the type of treatment they give and their procedures. Finally, their reviews show how satisfactory their services are, from inquiry to treatment and aftercare.

They offer FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques, trichology, beards transplant, and eyebrows transplant. They use the latest technological tools and manual skills to achieve the best outcomes. You can join their growing list of satisfied patients by booking an appointment with them today.

6. Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic – Dr. Saaed

fortes clinic

Fortes Hair and Skin Clinic is a leading cosmetic clinic in London most known for its hair transplant services. They’ve been around for over 14 years delivering exceptional hair restoration services to as many people as possible. Their medical center is at Harley Street and can be easily located by residents and tourists.

With an outstanding team of experienced professionals, who are vast in surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments, you’ll certainly find the best solution for your condition here. These professionals combine in-depth knowledge, artistic designs, and technical efficiency in the care they deliver. If you choose them, you stand a very high chance of putting an end to your hair loss issues.

Their treatments include follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction methods, which are sometimes combined depending on a patient’s hair loss situation. Their non-surgical treatment includes trichology, low-level laser therapy, and scalp micropigmentation. Dr. Saaed sees every surgical procedure himself, and you can be confident he’ll give you the best services.

How Much is Hair Transplant in London?

Hair transplant in London costs between £3,000 – £30,000. However, the exact cost isn’t easily determined because it hinges on several factors. Some of these factors include:

The Situation of Patients’ Hair Loss

The hair loss condition in every patient varies. Some may have it mild, while it can be severe for others. The extent of the patients’ hair loss condition affects the amount they’ll pay. A person with mild hair loss pays less than someone with severe hair loss.

The Number of Grafts and Sessions Needed

The more severe your hair loss, the more grafts you’ll need to cover the space. And to implant those grafts, you’ll need different sessions that may go from 2 to 4. So these two factors jointly affect the amount you’ll be required to pay.

The Procedure Used

The procedure that your surgeon decides will be perfect for solving your condition also affects the amount you’ll pay. You may have realized that hair transplant procedures carry different intensity levels, skill requirements, and technicalities. They even cost more time and more sessions, that’s why they also affect the price.

The Quality of Surgeons and Clinic

The charges of each surgeon differ because the level of services they offer also differs. Some surgeons charge on the high side while others charge minimally. The underlying reason for these differences is the quality of the surgeons and the clinics. So the surgeon and clinic you choose also affect the price you pay.


In everything you do concerning your hair restoration treatments, ensure you choose the best professionals to perform the operations. If you’re thinking of having it in London, you can select one of the clinics we suggested in this post. Good luck!

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