Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Leeds

When you begin to notice bald patches around your hair, a reduction in your hairline, or hair thinning, you should know that those are the signs of an impending hair loss. As much as it’s not a life-threatening condition, it could drain your confidence more than you imagine. Even if it doesn’t, it could hamper you from looking your best self. The best attitude to this is to find the right solution that’ll permanently solve it.

There are medications, essential oils, and hair restoration products that could mitigate the effects of these conditions. But the truth about them is that you’ll have spent so much on them before realizing how less effective they are. So instead of that, why not explore a long-lasting solution you don’t have to spend successively on to get full hair on your head? A solution as proven as hair transplant surgery?

While you’re contemplating that, this article will focus on discussing what a hair transplant is and the types of techniques surgeons use for the operation. Additionally, we’ll also discuss why Leeds is a good place to have your hair transplant and suggest some of the best clinics and surgeons you can go to in the city to have your hair transplant done. So please keep reading and figure out all of these.

On Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant is a hair restoration procedure in which a professional surgeon moves hair from some parts of the hair where it surfeits to the hair deficient part. The part where hair is removed is known as the donor site, which could be at the back or sides of the head. This highly technical procedure requires remarkable training, skills, experience, and sophistication.

Surgeons that seamlessly pull it off can do that because of the years they’ve trained and practiced the procedures. The procedures are executed using two primary techniques: follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant. While the former deals with removing individual follicles from the donor area and their gradual implantation in the deficient area, the latter deals with a strip harvest or follicles from the donor area.

Although the follicular unit transplant method is the older and foremost method, it hasn’t lost its effectiveness even though there’s a newer, faster, minimally invasive, and equally effective method. That’s why many modern clinics still offer the procedure as their hair transplant technique. Each of these techniques is used depending on the patient’s hair loss, and sometimes they are combined for optimum effectiveness.

Why Should You Have Your Hair Transplant Surgery at Leeds?

There’s no denying that when it comes to location for hair transplants in the UK, London is the foremost place that comes to mind. While there’s no problem with that, it’s essential to note that other places within the UK offer hair transplant services. These services aren’t below par or mediocre; they meet the national standards with cheaper charges than it is in the capital.

Leeds is one of the notable places within the UK with so many hair transplant clinics. The good thing about this is that many of the clinics in the capital have their branches in Leeds. So as a resident or someone thinking of traveling in from neighboring cities, you can have the same standard of care you’ll have in London just by staying in Leeds.

You’ll not only cut costs on transportation, but you’ll also be close to home, which is better for recovery after your hair transplant operation. In addition to this, you’ll enjoy the services of world-class surgeons who have moved from the capital to Leeds to perform hair restoration treatment. This is more than enough benefit for you, and it’ll only be prudent to have your hair transplant at Leeds.

However, it would be best to do good research on the surgeon who’ll conduct your operation in any chosen clinic. This decision is the most decisive part of your hair restoration journey. If you get it right, that might be the end of hair loss, and if you get it wrong, you may have to pay for a corrective procedure if it’s not even terrible. So as our way of helping you make the right choice, we’ll recommend some of the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Leeds.

This selection is based on the quality of these surgeons and clinics, their track records, the number of successful transplants, and the procedures they offer. You’re required to personally check them out or even do a walk-in to confirm our suggestion about them.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Leeds

There are other popular things about Leeds other than hair transplants, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some UK leading clinics and surgeons based in the city. The following are some of them:

1. Want Hair, Leeds – Dr. Shammy Israil

want hair

Want hair is a hair restoration clinic in Leeds offering quality-oriented treatment to people in Leeds and neighboring cities. They are a hair restoration clinic that considers every patient’s struggles and channels this knowledge into offering the right solutions that terminate all these struggles. For them, it’s treatment first, after which any other thing may follow.

The clinic was created by Dr. Shammy Israil, who also doubles as the lead surgeon. As an individual, he’s warm towards people and always interested in how to improve their situations. This attitude reflects brightly in how he handles hair loss treatments for each patient who chooses the clinic. He combines familiarity with professionalism to deliver a 5-star rating service, according to TrustPilot.

He also leverages his team’s efforts, including those in the medical department and others in the non-medical department. They specialize in the FUE hair transplant procedure and PRP therapy. The surgeon’s expertise is also extended to beards transplant and eyebrows transplants. So we are confident you’ll get a great service delivered to you if you choose Want Hair.

2. Skinfinity Cosmetic Clinic – Dr. Donato Zizi and Dr. Stephen Feldman

skinfinity clinic

As a prestigious cosmetic surgery clinic in Leeds, Skinfinity remains one of the most trusted clinics offering hair restoration treatments. The clinic was founded in 2007, and between then and now, they’ve positioned itself as one of the leading clinics in the UK. Despite their longevity, their quick adaptation to modern trends in terms of service delivery and method of operations is unparalleled, and it’s obvious in the number of successful operations they have performed for hair transplants and other cosmetics procedures.

While it’s logical to think there can’t be two sailors piloting a ship, Dr. Zizi and Dr. Feldman have successfully piloted the Skinfinity ship with excellence since its establishment. They are two of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the city, and they remain relentless because they are passionate about offering solutions to physical needs.

You can get the FUE or FUT hair treatment at Skinfinity and other cosmetics procedures. They use the latest instruments to enhance surgeons’ skills on their patients. Their combination of conventional and contemporary methods has given them a unique image as a brand, and it’s attracted so many patients from all over the UK. The clinic is located at Thorpe Park, Leeds, and you can easily access it from wherever you’re coming from, whether as a resident or traveler.

3. Este Medical Group – Sam Cinkir

Este Medical Group is your best option if you’re looking for a clinic that is confident of putting a smile on your face after years-long disappointment caused by hair loss. Their dedication to making their patients happy by giving them their most wanted physical appearance is second to none. For over seven years since its establishment, they’ve remained dedicated to this cause and have amassed so much success.

With the help of Sam Cinkir – the lead surgeon- the clinic has performed over 2,000 successful procedures on local and international patients that have chosen the clinic. There are so many stories on their platform revealing how excellent they are at what they do. Through these reviews, patients expressed how conducive their facility is right from reception to treatment wards.

Sam Cinker and his medical specialists perform the most popular and effective transplant treatments – FUE and DHI transplants. They also perform other treatments like laser therapy, hair mesotherapy, and beard and eyebrow transplant for both men and women. Sam believes no one should have any reason to feel bad about their physical appearance; that’s why he’s making treatments available for treatable physical defects like hair loss.

4. Enhance Hair Restoration – Dr. Peter Williams & Dr. Ganesh Krishnan

enhace hair restoration

Enhance Hair Restoration is one of the largest hair restoration clinics in the UK, with branches in Liverpool, London, Exeter, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Solihull, and Leeds. Their national presence indicates how successful they are as a hair restoration treatment provider. This success is built on the passion and commitment of medical and non-medical staff to work towards helping every patient realize their most imaginative appearance.

They offer only proven solutions that are certain to yield expected results no matter the number of executions. These solutions have consistently been used to restore the hair of over 50,000 patients, and they are confident of using them for more people. Some of these solutions are the FUE and FUT transplant techniques, smartgraft transplant, and ARTAS robotics.

They combine manual skills with automated efficiency to give their patients the optimum best at all times. They offer highly professional and discreet services that they won’t even broadcast your reviews if you don’t want them to. They’ve been around for way too long that they understand the intricacies of the business. As an innovative private-owned clinic with a wide network in the UK, you can trust them with your hair operation.

5. UK Hair Transplant Clinics, Leeds

UK Hair Transplant Clinics

UK Transplant Clinic is another popular hair transplant clinic in the UK, with many clinics all over the country. They are a reputable clinic that has been offering hair restoration services for more than eight years. Year in and out, they’ve maintained a consistent upgrade in standard of care. That’s one of the reasons they’ve remained a force of reckoning in hair transplants in the country.

Their surgeons’ experience and attention to even the tiniest details are unmatched. This approach is reflected in their services that when they do things you don’t remember mentioning, you’ll realize how they’ve prioritized your worries. On the consultation day, you’ll realize you’re encouraged to do a lot of talking, which is their way of getting to know you to note the things you want and things you don’t want for your hair transplant.

The clinic offers the primary hair transplant techniques involving the FUE and the FUT methods. In addition, they offer other non-surgical procedures like scalp micropigmentation, eyebrow transplant, and beard transplant. They are a total package, and you’ll enjoy your hair restoration experience if you choose them.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery in Leeds?

Like many other places in the UK, the cost of hair transplants is not fixed. However, it has a minimum and a projected maximum, all of which depend on some factors. Some of these factors include the following:

The Surgeon and Clinic You Choose

We mentioned earlier that what distinguishes most of the surgeons and clinics in Leeds is the quality of their services. This same distinguishing factor affects the price they charge for hair restoration procedures. A highly skilled surgeon operating in a world-class clinic is likely to charge more than a regular surgeon operating in a regular clinic. So the quality of the surgeon and clinic affects the price you pay.

The Technique They Use

If you’ve followed this post closely, you’ll have learned that there are different hair transplant techniques. The cost of each of these techniques varies. So the one your surgeon, deems appropriate for your hair loss will determine how much you’ll pay.

The State of the Hair Loss

If your hair loss is very bad, you’ll pay more because you’ll need more grafts and more sessions than the usual graft and session required for a hair transplant.


When it comes to selecting a location for a hair transplant within the UK, Leeds is one of the good places. And as you’ve seen in this post, you have more than enough options to look at. So please check them, and research any of which you eventually choose. Good luck.

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