Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Istanbul

As hair loss remains a common condition among many people, many hair care products continue to debut in the market now and then. But unfortunately, as much as these products are intended to counteract or correct hair loss, many do little to nothing, leaving many frustrated about the expenses and their unchanging hair loss condition. So, if you’re one of the people in this situation, why not explore a lasting solution to hair loss instead of spending so much on these products?

A hair transplant is one of the most effective and permanent solutions to hair loss. Once you have a hair transplant, you’ll certainly get your hair back and leave all worries about hair loss in the past. However, this transplant must be carried out by a skilled hair transplant specialist for you to get the most desirable results.

So if you’re in Istanbul or plan to visit for your hair transplant treatment, and you need suggestions on the best clinics and surgeons, this is the place you’ll find out. Here, we’ll examine hair transplants in Istanbul, after which we’ll recommend some of the best clinics and surgeons in the city.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul – Expectations

As much as there are thousands of interesting things about Istanbul, the city being the headquarters of hair restoration treatments, it remains arguably one of the most popular. For a city to be identified as the base of hair restoration services, it means the city is outstanding and is the best place to resolve any hair loss condition. So if you’re considering Istanbul as your hair transplant destination, you’re on the right track.

There are so many factors that have distinguished the city from many other hair transplant destinations worldwide. Firstly is the quality of hair transplant services. There is intense but healthy market competition in Istanbul because many hair transplant clinics offer excellent services. Secondly, many clinics have well-furnished facilities that allow them to perform all hair transplant techniques.

Their success rate is high, and their services are incredibly cheaper than anywhere else. These are the major reasons the city is undoubtedly the best place for hair restoration treatment. So if you’re going there, you’ll certainly enjoy all these benefits. But you have to carefully choose a clinic and surgeon for the procedures.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Istanbul

The following are some of the most rated hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Istanbul:

1. CapilClinic – Dr. Oguz Kayiran


When we place some of the best clinics in Istanbul on measures of excellence, quality of services, success rates, the standard of the clinic, and proficiency of surgeons, CapilClinic tops every other clinic, they tick all these boxes by staying true to the purpose of their establishment, which is to offer definitive hair loss solutions to as many people as possible.

This attitude toward helping people regain their lost hair and confidence permeates all clinic levels, from the medical staff to the non-medical staff. Patients that have chosen them spoke highly of their reception, the serenity of their facility, and the effectiveness of their procedures. In addition, they have branches all over Europe, so you can be sure that when you choose them, you’re setting yourself up for a world-class hair care treatment.

Dr. Oguz Kayiran heads the Istanbul clinic, and he’s one of the leading surgeons in Turkey. He’s dedicated his life to filling the gap between people experiencing hair loss and the solution to their conditions. He’s a highly professional surgeon who adopts a pragmatic and safe approach to treating all patients. You can confirm this when you book a consultation with him.

2. Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic – Dr. Sevim Balci

hermest international group

Hermest is another leading clinic in Istanbul that provides the latest hair transplant techniques. This clinic solely focuses on helping hair loss patients get natural results without compromising their safety. Fortunately, their track records over the years show how successful they’re in consistently doing this.

They are one of the few clinics offering delicate long hair transplants using the popular FUE method. The clinic also offers direct hair implantation (DHI), and sapphire FUE, without shaving the hair. The fact that they can offer all these highly technical procedures means they have the best surgeons and medical team in the clinic.

Dr. Sevim Balci is the hair transplant surgeon who is supported by Op. Dr. Ali Cemal Yılmaz, Dr. Mehmet Göker, and Dr. Sedat Köksal. They combine their skills and experience to give every patient the best. You’re sure to have a great hair transplant operation if you choose them.

3. Smile Hair Clinic – Dr. Gökhan Bilgin & Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan

smile hair clinic

Smile Hair Clinic was purposefully created to bring happiness to many people that have been sad about how hair loss has negatively altered their look. They are specialists in the sapphire FUE technique, and they maintain the highest standard of care while administering it.

The clinic is built on three foundational stones: aesthetics – which is essential to help every patient get the finest and most natural results; patient comfort and safety – which is to make the treatment memorable; and transformation – which is aimed at giving every patient the best look. They’ve successfully done this, and they can help you achieve similar expectations if you choose them.

Dr. Bilga and Dr. Erdogan are the lead surgeons in the clinic and are two of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the country. They also leverage the support and expertise of other surgeons like Dr. Mehmet Ziroglu and Dr. Firdavs Ahmedov. So you’ll surely get the perfect hair loss solution if you allow them to put their expertise to practice.

What’s the Cost of Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

As we’ve mentioned, hair transplant is way cheaper in Istanbul, Turkey, than in any other place in the United States of America and Europe. You’re likely to spend between $2,000 to $6,000 in Istanbul while spending so much more in other places. This price may be more or less depending on the critical nature of your hair loss, the number of grafts and sessions that’ll resolve it, the proficiency of your surgeon, and the technique they’ll use.

Key Takeaway

A hair transplant in Istanbul promises much more than the great outcome you’re sure to get. And as we’ve suggested some of the best clinics to give you the best services, you should choose any of them. Good luck!

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