Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Birmingham

No matter how short or long a person’s hair is, it’ll be ridiculous for them to deny how much it accentuates their beauty and their best facial features. That’s because whenever they lose their hair, they often look less attractive compared to how they look with a full head of hair. So it’s more attractive to have hair than not to have it.

If you’re suffering hair thinning or hair loss and hoping to correct it with a treatment that’ll improve your hair density with a restructured hairline, you should consider hair transplant surgery. The awareness about it is based on its effectiveness and realistic outcomes. In addition, it is permanent, restores youthfulness, and helps improve self-confidence.

However, to enjoy the benefits of having a hair transplant, you have to use the services of a professional surgeon in a standard clinic. So if you’re in Birmingham and looking for the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons, you’re at the perfect place to find out. Here, we’ll discuss expectations for hair transplants and suggest some of the best clinics and surgeons in Birmingham.

Why Hair Transplant Surgery?

There’s no denying that there are varieties of non-surgical solutions to treat hair thinning and baldness. While some of them are ridiculously affordable and accessible, others aren’t. But if you’re patient enough, you access those that are scarce and use them for your hair loss conditions.

But despite all these, hair transplant surgery remains a more viable alternative to non-surgical hair restoration treatment. Firstly, most of these treatments aren’t one-off; you’ll have to visit the clinic multiple times and probably pay for more sessions. Also, some of them only last for a few months, and then you have to do it again.

Some may not even give the expected outcomes they are touted to give, which can be mentally and financially stressful for you. However, while hair transplant has its downsides, it offers more advantages when compared to non-surgical solutions. That’s why it’s still the best solution for people suffering hair loss.

Why Birmingham?

The short answer to this question is, why not Birmingham? Ranking the 5th of the best hospital cities in the UK, Birmingham is one of the best places to have your hair transplant surgery. Arriving at this conclusion wasn’t so difficult because we considered the prevailing factors that determine whether a state is good for hair transplant or not.

These factors include the availability of hair transplant clinics and surgeons, the quality of the surgeons, the number of standard procedures they offer, the availability of tools to execute the procedures, and the overall quality of care. While Birmingham doesn’t compare to London on all these levels, it isn’t far off, and that’s a good thing for locals and those in neighboring cities.

While most of these clinics and surgeons differ greatly in the quality of their services, you must choose those that offer the best. When you do this, you can be confident that the outcome of your surgery will be great without any complications. So to help you with this, we’ll suggest some of the best clinics and surgeons in the city of the famous Peaky Blinders.

6 of the Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Birmingham

The following are some of the leading hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Birmingham:

1. Hair Growth Center – Dr. Vishal Nayak


Hair Growth Center is a leading hair restoration clinic offering bespoke treatment to hair loss patients all over the UK. They have modern facilities in London, Essex, Manchester, and Birmingham. THowever, the most distinctive thing about HGC is how they’ve consistently maintained the same quality of services across these hair treatment centers.

You don’t have to wonder for long to figure out how they’ve managed to do that over the years. The clinic as an enterprise is built on the need to offer quality services that assure the effectiveness of hair restoration treatments, particularly hair transplants. So with the crop of highly experienced and skillful medical and non-medical staff, they’ve got, maintaining that standard has become a routine.

The facilities are well-furnished with modern equipment that is necessary for treatments. With a warm attitude towards patients, and the readiness to offer suitable solutions to their conditions, HGC is one of the best places to have your hair transplant in Birmingham. Dr. Vishal Nayak is one of the leading surgeons in the clinic, who is supported by six other specialists with vast knowledge and application in the field.

2. The Hair Loss Clinic

hair loss clinic

The Hair Loss Clinic is one of the few clinics in Birmingham offering every modern hair restoration treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical. This is because they believe hair loss is a dynamic condition that requires varieties of solutions. Most times, the treatment that works for a particular patient, may not work for another, and knowing this has brought the clinic so much success over the years with branches all over the country.

Before anything, they give each patient a personalized hair analysis to determine the course of treatment to explore. Subsequently, they offer laser treatment, hair transplant surgery, injectables, scalp micropigmentation, hair replacement, and many others. While they prioritize the follicular unit extraction hair transplant technique, they have skillful surgeons that can perform the strip harvest.

They are a trusted franchise you can meet for your hair loss treatment. And with the success they have and the recommendations people give, the chances are high you’ll become one of their many happy clients. Their clinic in Birmingham is a good place to visit and kickstart your journey to full hair restoration.

3. Ultra Hair Clinic – Dr. Ismail Ughratdar

Ultra Hair Clinic

Ultra Hair Clinic is another outstanding hair restoration center solely committed to alleviating the worries caused by hair loss. They are a clinic that pays special attention to each patient to address their conditions from its root. That’s why they offer only proven surgical and non-surgical solutions to arrays of hair loss problems.

Dr. Ismail is one of the surgeons in the clinic, and a few others support him in Dr. Raghu Reddy, Dr. Furqan Raja, and Dr. Michael Mouzakis. These are the UK leading hair restoration doctors who have years of experience and vast industry knowledge. While they offer hair analysis before their notable procedures like trichology, follicular unit extraction, hair mesotherapy, and laser therapy, they also offer other cosmetic procedures like liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc.

This shows the range of expertise available in the clinic, and it’s also a testament to the availability of necessary equipment for the successful performance of these operations. You can trust them for your hair restoration by starting with a free consultation you can have at home or work.

4. Este Medical Group – Sam Cinkir

Este Medical Group

Este Medical Group is popular for cosmetic procedures as they are for standard healthcare services. They have been a strong force in the industry for over 25 years, so it’s safe to say they’ve seen and done it all. Being around for years isn’t to say they’ll trivialize your condition. No, they won’t because a significant aspect of being around for way too long is accepting the uniqueness of every case and offering a flexible solution to it.

With branches across the UK and some parts of Europe, you should know this is a world-class hair transplant clinic that’ll assure successful outcomes of hair loss treatments. They are also located in Birmingham, where they perform procedures like follicular unit extraction, DHI hair transplant technique, laser therapy, mesotherapy, beard transplant, and eyebrow transplant for both men and women.

The facility in Birmingham, just like in other places, is a modern clinic built to provide a comfortable and pleasant treatment for local and international patients. You can step in for a personal evaluation even before booking your consultation or do both on the same day. They are always available to offer what they are passionate about.

5. Enhance Hair Restoration – Dr. Ganesh Krishnan

enhace hair restoration

Enhance Hair Restoration is one of the clinics that have significantly improved the two major hair transplant techniques by incorporating them with automated machines like ARTAS Robotics and SmartGraft transplants. They are a premier expert offering patients the best satisfaction through their solutions. So if you want to resolve hair loss or improve your hair, this is a great place for that.

Dr. Krishnan is a renowned surgeon supported by Dr. Williams, another recognized hair restoration surgeon. They combine their years of experience and skills to offer every patient what they need most stylishly. Some of their procedures include FUT and FUE, ARTAS Robotics and SmartGraft hair transplant, and scalp micropigmentation.

You’ll get treatments, but you’ll also get advice on your course of action after the surgery. They are open from Monday to Saturday, and you can walk in from 10 am to 4 pm. You can also book a virtual consultation with them, and they’ll be happy to help.

6. KSL Clinic – Dr. Matee Rajput


The quality of hair transplant services at KSL is excellent. With the number of celebrities they’ve helped with hair restoration treatment, we won’t go wrong in calling them the celebrities’ clinic. But that’s not to say they don’t cater to those that aren’t celebrities. On the contrary, they treat every patient equally regardless of their social status, size of their purse, or the severity of their hair loss.

Evidence of this is the finance options they’ve created for patients to easily pay their operation bills since insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures. Dr. Matee Rajput leads and supervises the surgical services in the clinic. But he has colleagues like Dr. Zabeeh and Dr. Nishal. They all boast a wealth of experience and expertise in this field which they always put to practice.

They perform FUE transplants as their major surgical procedure, while they offer PRP treatment and laser therapy for their non-surgical hair treatment. Patients also visit for eyebrows and beards transplants. So, if you’re in Birmingham, this is another outstanding place to check out for a successful hair transplant surgery.

How Much is Hair Transplant in Birmingham

The truth about hair transplants is that it’s not cheap. But it’s also not as expensive as people make it out to be. If you’re prioritizing your hair restoration, you’ll realize it’s not a luxury but a necessity worth every quid you’re required to pay. However, this price is difficult to determine because different factors influence it. Some of these factors include the following:

1. The Quality of Surgeons and Clinic

The expertise of your chosen hair transplant surgeon and the state of the clinic affect the price you pay. You’ll agree that a prolific surgeon can charge the same way as a regular surgeon. However, while it’s better to choose a proven surgeon, you have to work with the size of your purse.

2. Number of Grafts and Sessions

These factors are born out of your hair loss condition. The milder it is, the lesser the graft and sessions required, and the more severe it is, the more grafts and sessions required, which affect the price.

3. The Procedure

The procedure your doctor deems suitable for you also affects how much you pay. Some procedures take more time, sessions, and a high skill set, while others take less. You may even need to combine procedures for optimal results.

With all of these in mind, the cost of a hair transplant in Birmingham should fall between £3,000 to £10,000. Don’t forget that it could be more or less depending on the aforementioned factors. So you should confirm with your doctor before you proceed with treatments. You can also make inquiries on the availability of finance options that allows you to pay gradually. Some packages are monthly, while some are quarterly.

Final Words

A hair transplant isn’t just a treatment; it’s a life-changing experience if the best people in the business do it. As we’ve suggested in this post, you must conduct personal research on each of them before choosing. Good luck.

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