Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Sunderland

The United Kingdom is recognized as a global leader in both the therapy of hair loss and the surgical process of hair transplantation. It is possible to get a hair transplant in a number of cities in the United Kingdom, such as Sunderland. This ensures that patients in Sunderland receive the highest level of care and the most desirable outcomes from their hair transplant surgeries. There are a number of hair transplant facilities and doctors in Sunderland who have been certified and accredited by organizations such as JCI and ISO. Since Sunderland is known for fusing traditional medicine with cutting-edge medical practices and it is bordered by different cities in the UK, getting a hair transplant in Sunderland can turn out to be one of the wisest choices you’ve ever made. No matter how lofty your goals are for your hair transplant, you can be assured that the clinics and doctors in Sunderland will not only meet but also exceed them.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons in Sunderland

1- KSL Clinic


KSL Clinic is one of the most successful hair loss clinic in the United Kingdom. Their clinics are located in Kent and Manchester, and they also provide consultancy services in Cardiff, Birmingham, and Newcastle, which is located quite close to Sunderland. They are the busiest clinic in the UK, and they are proud to have treated such a large number of well-known celebrities as Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle, Love Island Winner Jack Fincham, Six Nations Captain and International Rugby star Stuart Hogg, Sky Sports presenters Paul Robinson and Rob Wotton. They offer effective hair restoration and hair loss treatments, which assist men and women from all around Sunderland in putting an end to hair thinning and loss. KSL’s mission is to empower those who are struggling with hair loss to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of complete satisfaction with their appearance and to instill in them the self-assurance necessary to take the next step in their lives. They provide a hair loss treatment that is both effective and reasonable, as well as laser hair therapies, with no deposits required and flexible payment options. The hair loss treatments provided by the clinic are not only very reasonably priced, but the business also takes great pride in the happiness of its customers and its reputation; in fact, the clinic treats every customer in the same manner, irrespective of the customer’s financial strength or the services that they require. At KSL, everyone is taken on a journey beginning with the consultation and continuing through the actual operation and the comprehensive aftercare that follows your transplant once it has been completed.

2- Scalp Inked

scalp inked

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as a medical hair tattoo or a cosmetic hair tattoo, is the procedure of recreating the look of shaved hair by placing thousands of very small pigment deposits into the dermal layer of the scalp. This gives the impression that the hair has been shaved. Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most rapidly growing solutions and an excellent alternative to hair transplants for male hair loss due to the procedure being non-invasive, quick, and permanent. It is the only truly permanent hair loss solution to offer instantaneous, guaranteed results, taking years off of you and giving you back your confidence. The clinic is conveniently located in Easington Village, just off the A19, making it simple for customers to reach them from Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle, and Teeside.

The clinic was founded by Jonnie who was inspired after an accidental encounter with a Facebook advertisement posted by a business in Birmingham that provided SMP treatments. He was so impressed by the results of the procedure that he decided to become a part of the future of hair loss treatments. As a result, he embarked on a journey to master and perfect his technique of scalp micropigmentation, which has since evolved into a passion for him as he strives for perfection with each and every client. Jonnie holds a Level 4 qualification and is one of the few SMP artists in the North East that can offer a 12-month warranty and is approved by Master Class.

3- Better Hair Transplant Clinics


Better Hair Transplant Clinics takes great pleasure in the fact that they have helped each and every one of their customers restore their hair in a way that has completely altered the course of their lives. They have performed hair restoration procedures for more than 20 years, and their mission is to give clients with the highest quality hair restoration service that is currently accessible anywhere in the globe. In order to accomplish this, they make use of the most cutting-edge surgical procedures, in conjunction with the greatest grade precision technology. Every one of their medical facilities has been granted CQC registration, and each of their surgeons has been granted GMC registration in addition to membership in the ISHRS. They pay attention to each and every facet of the hair restoration surgery process for every single one of their patients, beginning with the initial consultation and continuing through each and every follow-up appointment up until the point where the transplantation procedure is finished. Each and every one of the patients who visit any Better Hair Transplant Clinic, such as the one that is located in Sunderland, are aware that they will receive the highest level of artistry, quality, and value as a result of our personalized and individualized treatment plans, attention to detail, and impeccable reputation.

4- Hair Solved

hair solved

The Hair Solved Clinic is one of the top female hair loss specialists in the United Kingdom. They have developed a bespoke hair solution that is appropriate for all types of hair loss and thinning hair, regardless of whether you have whole or partial hair loss and regardless of the cause. They take great satisfaction in the fact that they have the experience and the insight necessary to be able to assist their patients regain their self-esteem, enhance their natural attractiveness, and become the person they want to be once more. Their Enhancer System is appreciated by hundreds of women since it is all-natural, does not require surgery, and is simple to care for. The clinic provides a variety of options, including a thin, flexible mesh that is placed directly on the patient’s scalp as well as extensions made of actual hair that are one hundred percent authentic and create the look and feel of natural hair. Their revolutionary Enhancer System can provide the ideal solution for complete hair loss, provide volume to hair that is thinning or patchy, or add volume to hair that is thinning or uneven. It is designed to resemble the way natural hair would flow and fall.

5- Pestana Hair

pestana hair

Karen at Pestana Hair has been working tirelessly since the company was founded in 1998 to establish a stellar reputation in the North East as a premier hair replacement salon. They offer a wide variety of hair and non-surgical services and deliver them in a style that makes their clientele feel as though they are being loved and cared for. When a new client walks into their hair salon, it is their goal to welcome them with a warm welcome that is both professional and personable. They are aware that each customer has unique requirements, which is why they make it a point to pay attention to what their customers have to say and modify the services they provide accordingly. In addition to this, they take pride in their ability to make others feel at ease and at home in the welcoming and cordial professional setting that they have created.

At Pestana Hair, they understand the worry and depression that patients might feel as a result of hair loss, which they discover to be more common in women. They also found that hair loss is more common in women. They are aware of how crucial it is to make treatment options available to people who have been through the ordeal of experiencing hair loss. They provide a variety of products as well as professional services that are geared toward the demands and specifications of the patient in order to accomplish their goal of restoring the patient’s confidence and sense of self-worth.

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